Best Grand Final moments of the 2010s


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Each Grand Final has a special moment each decade.

Here are mine’s for the 2010s

2010 draw - Goddard’s Mark, Milne’s bouncing ball
2010 replay - Heath Shaw’s smother of the century
2011 - Meatloaf’s forgettable entertainment. Cats win 3 flags in 3 odd-numbered years
2012 - Malceski’s snap, Jetta and Cyril on the GSS
2013 - Freo’s first GF. Other than that
2014 - Hawks thump red-hot favourites Sydney to go b2b
2015 - Hawthorn wins a three-peat, Hodgey’s goal on the Olympic Stand wing
2016 - Morris tackles Buddy, Tom Boyd’s snap and goal, Bulldogs break drought, Bob and Bevo after the siren
2017 - Richmond breaks 37 year drought, The Killers and Jack Riewoldt
2018 - Dom Sheed sinks the Pies
2019 - Marlion Pickett’s debut, GWS in first Grand Final.
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2010: Goddard's grab, Hayes and Goddard almost dual handedly dragging the Saints over the line, the flooding of the dressing rooms post match, another Collingwood premiership win in October (with the reworking of One Day in September to suit)

2011: Meatloaf, Varcoe kicking the first goal in 30 seconds, Travis Cloke kicking goals from where Dusty parked his car in 2019, Podsiadly busting his shoulder badly, Stevie J tearing them apart a week after a foot injury, Magpie fans deserting the top tier of the Southern Stand in droves midway through the last term, walking past a young Nic Nat in the Melbourne CBD prior to the parade thinking he's a serious unit.

2012: Jetta/Cyril chase, Mitch Morton coming from nowhere to be a difference maker, Malceskis snap, missing most of the game to attend my sister's wedding.

2013: Fremantle stuck playing "Ross Ball" in the first half and never really recovering (1 goal to HT). Buddy's last hurrah in a hawk jumper, some Docker fans taking extraordinary lengths to get to the game with some even chartering their own plane

2014: Dan Hannebery getting smashed from a legal bump in the first quarter (although it may have been 2012), Hawk domination

2015: the Cyril show in the first term

2016: where do we begin....Buddy rolling his ankle in an early contest (then being outplayed by Joel Hamling despite having moments), Tory Dickson doing Tory Dickson things (kicking snags from limited opportunities), Picken from behind, then from the square to seal it, BTs commentary of THAT goal following THAT tackle, being worried after a score review overturned a Johannisen goal only for Jordan Roughead to clunk the kick in, Ben McGlynn missing a shot I think before the Boyd long bomb and the relief knowing that was their last chance

2017: the Power Ranger stance, Shane Edwards and Bachar Houli probably playing better games than Dusty but not quite fitting the narrative of the perfect season which giving Dusty the Norm would have, the recognition of Mrs Hardwick, the post match party that started with Mr Brightside and ended in Swan Street

2018: Collingwood launching out of the blocks (5 goals to zip, and the Eagles first goal was from good fortune), the dramatic finish and ice in Sheeds veins,

2019: Phil Davis drama pre match (will he/won't he play), Jeremy Finlayson almost emulating Leon Davis (think he got 1 kick), Marlion Pickett's perfect start, Dusty leaves his car in the carpark for months afterward, the back 6 questioned without Rance if they were up to it keeping GWS to 3 goals and their lowest score ever.


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The replay that year was as dull as the now infamous 2013 grand final
Am I only the person that thinks the 2013 grand final is a little underrated? Not the most skillful game but (if memory serves correctly) there were a few pretty big momentum swings throughout the day. If Freo converted better when they had momentum it could have gone down as a classic.


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Am I only the person that thinks the 2013 grand final is a little underrated? Not the most skillful game but (if memory serves correctly) there were a few pretty big momentum swings throughout the day. If Freo converted better when they had momentum it could have gone down as a classic.
Yeah whenever I watch it, I think it’s a touch underrated. Pretty competitive. So far from a classic it’s not funny, but probably doesn’t deserve the vitriol it gets.

Another moment, Cyril’s intercept in the third quarter of the 15 GF, to Bruest, to Poppy and then the most perfectly weighted pass imaginable to Gunner 20 metres out. The weagles were kinda making a move at that point and that goal snuffed out any chance and we were never in danger from that moment.

Yet more proof that Cyril was from another planet.
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Heath Shaw’s smother is by far the best grand final moment of the decade. That you haven’t even recognised it as the best in its year is gobsmacking.
Every time there is a 'moments' thread people nominate things that aren't moments. 'Freo's first half' isn't a moment, either is Hawthorn beating Sydney by 12 goals or whatever it was.

Of the Coll/St Kilda GF and GF replay my moments would be Goddard's mark, Milne's bounce and Shaw's smother and I'm not sure of the order. Milne's bounce is probably the one most people remember first because it was the difference between a draw and a Saints win in the end. That happens in the first quarter and it's forgotten about.

My favourite moment is obviously Sheed's goal but I can't even pretend I am unbiased. Other than that I really enjoyed Boyd's goal from 55 in 2016. That put the Dogs 15 points up which was the biggest margin of the game to that point and it suddenly felt like they were actually going to win. My moment of 2015 (the only GF I attended in the decade) was Hodge's goal because it was "right in front of me!" and I knew that it wasn't our day at that pretty early point in the game.


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Mar 25, 2019
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2010 draw - Goddard’s Mark, Milne’s bouncing ball, Didak's slot from the boundary, Daisy's mongrel, Reiwoldt's composure, Neon Leon finally arriving, the moment of the draw
2010 replay - Heath Shaw’s smother of the century, Dawes kick out of the air
2011 - Stevie J's talent, Varcoe's goals, Clokes long bombs, Krakour mark+goals, Bartel's bender, Tomahawk poster, Hawkins hand-off to johnson
2012 - Malceski’s snap, Jetta and Cyril on the GSS, Buddy's goals and Goodes' brilliance
2013 - Isaac Smith's 4th qtr long bomb, Breusts perfect crumb + snap in 4th quarter
2014 - Roughhead flattens Hannebury, Hodgey kisses Buddy, Buddy's one hander, Lake's specky, Langford's dribble
2015 - Hodgey's banana from the pocket, Rough's tackle, Cyril's run-down, Cyril's intercept+Puopolo perfect kick Schoey's effort in the forward pocket, Lake's diving goal-line touch.
2016 - Tom Boyd's long bomb from the square, Kieran Jack's mark, Cordy's tackle+goal, Hunter's handball, Kennedy lifting Sydney, Stringer's goal, Picken's goals,
2017 - Riewoldt specky, Riewoldt's specky v2, Rioli's mark, Rioli's evasiveness, Butler's banana,
2018 - Dom Sheed sinks the Pies, Ryan's hit on maynard, Varcoe's opening goal, Mcgovern's mark, Flying Ryan's Mark, De Goey's goal in the pocket, Rioli's toe tap, De Goey's long bomb, Shuey's goal, Rioli spin+cripps goal, Cox mark+goal
2019 - Marlion Pickett’s blind turn+castagna mark, Pickett goal, cotchin's bump, Dusty's last goal

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