Best live gig you've ever been to


Sep 29, 2006
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U2 - Adelaide 1989
U2 - Adelaide 2006.. oh 1989>>2006;)
The Eagles supported my Melissa Ethridge Adelaide 1996 i think.
Kiss - Adelaide 1995
Phil Collins - Adelaide 1989
The Models - Gold Coast 1985
U2's Adelaide shows in 89 were great. B.B. King and Weddings Parties Anything also on the bill. Did you go to the Friday or the Saturday night? Still have the ticket, cost under $40!! Mind you change from $3 for fags back then.
Memorial Drive used to be great for concerts.


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Oct 9, 2006
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U2's Adelaide shows in 89 were great. B.B. King and Weddings Parties Anything also on the bill. Did you go to the Friday or the Saturday night? Still have the ticket, cost under $40!! Mind you change from $3 for fags back then.
Memorial Drive used to be great for concerts.
Went to the Friday night one. Absolute gem. The crowd went apeshit:thumbsu::D
Even Bono said the crowd was the "noisiest sons of bitches I have ever heard"!!:D

Here's the set list..

Venue: Memorial Drive Stadium
Opening Act(s): Weddings Parties Anything, B.B. King
Main Set: Where the Streets..., I Will Follow, I Still Haven't Found, MLK, The Unforgettable Fire, God Part II, Desire, All Along The Watchtower, All I Want Is You, People Get Ready, Bad, Van Diemen's Land, New Year's Day, Pride
Encore(s): Angel Of Harlem, When Love Comes To Town, Love Rescue Me, With or Without You, 40

Got the concert on cd and still play it.:)

Loved the part where Bono pulled a bloke out of the crowd to play guitar with Edge. The guy ripped it up. He was a star. Crowd went apeshit again as he and Edge belted out a riff together.

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Sep 12, 2011
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10. Fat Boy Slim - saw him next year in my local Oxfam store. Bizarre venue but great fun.

9. You am I - 21st Century Frankston (but any of the 10 or so times I've seen them). Used to love going to gigs here. Always used to travel down when we couldn't get tickets in the city.

8. Midnight Oil - 21st Century Frankston (again). During ther best of shows. Guy in the crowd said he could play 'Short Memory' on drums. They got him up and he absolutely smashed it.

7. Gomez - Corner. After their first album but before they turned sh*t. Funnest gig I've ever been to.

6. Roger Waters - The wall - O2 this year. one to tick off the bucket list

5. Cure - Rod Laver. First night they left without doing an encore because they didn't think the crowd was into it enough after the amount of petitions they received trying to get them to Oz. 2nd night the crowd was awesome and they played for 3hrs with 3 encores. Only curfew stopped them from playing on.

4. Arcade Fire - Forum. Had the crowd eating out of their hands.

3. Radiohead - Festival Hall. Ok Computer was just out. Amazing.

2. Elbow - Wembley Arena - Their first ever Arena gig. Awesome setlist. Boys in amazing form and the confetti 'One day like this' ending was great.

1. Sigur Ros - Palais. Simply mindblowing.

Seeing New Order in a couple of weeks. Think Fat Boy's stay in the top 10 will be short lived.


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Jun 10, 2005
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In no particular order:

Oils - anywhere between 82 - 88. Must rank as close to the best Australian live act.

Bruce Springsteen doing his accoustic show at the Palais in the early 90's.

Kiss - 96 seeing the original 4 back together.

Iron Maiden seeing the Somewhere backin time tour and playing all the stuff that I missed on the World Slavery tour.

Hunters and Collectors one of many Oz bands so much better live than on a studio album.

Contra Mundum

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Aug 1, 2002
North Melbourne
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1979 - Blondie and Clash - Perth Concert Hall (seperate gigs)

Painters and Dockers

Kiss 1980 with Eric Carr

Prince - Sign of the Times tour - New York

The Boss - at Rod Laver the night Bush declared War on Iraq

Dolly - Tuesday Night (deal with it h8rs)


Jul 1, 2011
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Stryper - In God We Trust Tour -1989- Festival Hall
Extreme - III sides to every story Tour -1993- Palais Theater
Iron Maiden - Somewhere back in time tour -2008- Rod Laver Arena
KISS - Farewell Tour -2001- Rod Laver Arena (Third Night)
KISS - KISS Symphony -2003- Telstra Dome

The best Show I've ever seen ;

KISS - Reunion Tour -1997- Rod Laver Arena (First Night).


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Aug 7, 2008
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When they're not belting us, NZ
For me it is unquestionably Bowie in 2004 rod laver arena, sat nite.
I was annoyed I didn't get the Friday night tix but turns out he played all the newer stuff Friday night, got a crap review in the age next day and reworked the set with about two new songs on Saturday night out of a 3 hour show.
Paid 200 odd dollars and got close enough to see the veins bulging out of his head.
Absolute class, radiated energy and a true professional.


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Nov 22, 2010
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It would probably be one out of the following:

1) Metallica, Justice for All Tour, Festival Hall, 1989

2) Midnight Oil, Blue Sky Mining Tour, Rod Laver Arena, 1990

3) Tool, 10,000 Days Tour, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 2007

4) U2, Rattle and Hum Tour, National Tennis Centre, 1989

5) The Prodigy, Fat of the Land Tour, Selinas in Coogee, 1997

6) Radiohead, Hail to the Thief Tour, Rod Laver Arena, 2004

7) The Angels, Liveline Tour, Village Green, 1990

8) Crowded House, Farewell to the World gig at the Opera House with Custard, Powderfinger and You Am I, 1996

If I had to pick one it would be the last one. Fantastic day and night all round and probably the most emotional I've seen a crowd get at a concert.


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Aug 16, 2009
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Rush - Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Denver, Colorado 2007.

Best venue i have seen a concert at also.

I would give a nut to see Rush.
My wife and I are going to Canada again next year to see her family -
I'm trying to work out how to get to a concert as well.

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Jun 26, 2007
St Kilda
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If any of you get to New York in your travels.....amateur night at The Apollo in Harlem has got to be one of the amazing things you can do for under $20 in the world...... acts are amazing and the atmosphere is insane..... about 80% black... the whole place just goes off.....

Seen a lot of concerts ...Prince at Maidison Square Gardens is the stand out....... Oils in the early 80"s at any sweaty pub were always top shelf too.

tiger dream

Jan 11, 2011
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Underground Lovers. Most gigs from 1995 till 2002,then after returning in 2009. From the Evelyn to the Hi-fi and in between The Undies best gigs were at the Prince and The Corner including last Month. Always feeling buzzed for days after.

KISS.97,2001,2004 . Went most nights but the 97 ones seem to best.the only problem is the setlist is pretty much the same each night. The 2004 gigs Rod Laver gigs had some pleasent changes but the Threatre show at The Palais was the pick of the bunch that tour.

Primal Scream .Metro 92. Still tripping on that one.

Duran Duran , Metro 2003. hot sweat box but with the bar girls dancing a top party vibe.

New Order .Metro 2002. A greatest hits set but an all round happy night despite being squashed up front.

Missy Higgins- Cornish Arms 2004 then Rod Laver 2007. At the Cornish Arms in Feb 2004 Missy had just filmed the 'Scar' clip that week with her new short haircut then captured the hearts of the listeners with her fresh songs. 3 years later Missy turn the Rod Laver Arena feel like an intimate gig.


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Mar 21, 2011
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Whilst I was in New York I saw Cave In, Trap Them and Narrows at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. The venue, the people, the lineup, all amazing. It felt like I was holding my breath the whole time.

Best shows at home would have to be Deftones at Warped Tour at Flinders Uni in '99, Converge at Fowlers in 2007 and 2010, and Hot Water Music at Enigma 2003ish. But trying to name all the best shows I've been to would be like trying to tell you which wank I've had in my lifetime which has been the best. Too hard ;)

andrew coombs

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Jan 30, 2004
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Skyhooks...Festival Hall Melbourne in 1983

Neil Young...Festival Hall 1985

Springsteen...Melbourne Showgrounds 85 and Palais 98

Bob Dylan and Tom petty and the Heartbreakers...Kooyong 1986

Concrete Blonde...Price of Wales...2003


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Mar 12, 2012
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Metallica at Rod Laver back in November of 2010. When they started playing "Orion", oh man, I lost right there. "Breadfan", "Damage Inc.", it was like I had traveled back to 1989 at some point during the show. It was insane. I had a blast.

Soundwave last month was fantastic, too; Mastodon, Lamb of God, Machine Head, System of a Down, In Flames - awesome way to spend an afternoon and an evening!

Edit: Wanted to add, this video:

Easily the greatest song I've seen live. Literally blew my mind. It


Very good. But brick not hit back!
Dec 17, 2003
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LFC, Rangers.
rammstein at the metro arena in newcastle (uk) about a month ago. 2 hours, 20+ songs and plenty of fire, pyrotechnics and amazing lighting.

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