Best ROCKWIZ performances. Duets and solo performances.

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Aristotle Pickett

Premium Platinum
Oct 19, 2020
AFL Club
Rockwiz is that show on SBS with Julia Zemero and Brian Nankervis that has been going for about 15 years.
It's not everyone's cup of tea but at least they have live music and Australian acts.
The house band is always tidy.
They have a male and female do solo originals and then they team up for a duet cover at the end.

Some nice guitar here from Jay Mascis (Dinasuar Jnr), supported by Adalita .


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No eye deer

Club Legend
Feb 11, 2012
The Top End
AFL Club
Saw him at Northcote Social Club about 3 years ago and got a photo with him.It was a superb gig.
The man is a true living legend. Written some of the all time Aussie classics.
Tex is Tex, one of the best frontman Australia has ever produced. Love The Beasts, Cruel Sea, etc.
Charlie Owen is a brilliant musician also.

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