Best seats at the Gabba?

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May 19, 2007
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I made a post a while ago about first time at the Gabba and things to do.
And since i will be coming up for a game i dont mind spending extra on better seating.

What seats are a must?
Is it better to sit the higher up or the verandah, areavips, corporate boxes, front row on the ground.

Just trying to get a good indicator of what will be awesome.
For someone experiencing the Gabba front row or close to the action will be better than level 2.


Jason mp

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Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
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Valleys. Chelsea.
I love centre southern wing top tier, I'm in row NN at the moment but would prefer a few rows further down as an ideal placement ie around row H, I.


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Oct 5, 2014
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Brisbane Lions
Honestly think first couple of rows of the upper tier, around section 70-71 are the best seats in the house, other than perhaps the corporate boxes directly below. Interchange boundary side is a must, slightly closer to the Lions end. up high enough to see the whole play, and still very close to the action (the very front of the top deck at the Gabba is not like MCG or Marvel where you are miles away).
If it’s an afternoon game you ideally want further round in section 73 to avoid the sun.
The bottom tier is great to feel the hits, but the ground is steeply sloped for the tropical rain, and the other side of the field can be difficult to see. If you’re on the vertically challenged side, the bottom tier has almost no rake, so you’ll end up looking at the back of someone’s head for most of the game.

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Section 5

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Nov 26, 2018
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Brisbane Lions
This link below will help you in your decision
It gives you a 360 degree view from a particular section at the Gabba.
You can't pick a row or seat number though. But you can work it out close enough

As posters mention a section number you just enter that section number and click GO
Or click on that section number on the map. Or just explore yourself. Blue area is for Gabba Members only.
Then a small window pops up
Click on the "full screen" icon
By a click on the screen you can adjust the view. High /low/left/right. Look carefully and you will see a seat number.
Seating is A or AA being the front row to Z if it goes that far back

Keys2myBeamas has mentioned the OLD section numbers 70-73. However the seat numbers have not changed
I believe 70-73 is now sections 425 to 428 or their about



In Fagan we trust.
Jun 1, 2008
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Brisbane Lions
I don’t know what the new numbering is but under the old numbering, I like where we sit in Section 67.

We sit directly above and I think between the coaches boxes and interchanges, the gates are right in front of us. The centre square is slightly off square to us but it’s not by a massive amount. But from around the front of the top tier is a great vantage point of the ground, and around this section of the ground I feel the seats are better spaced somehow too - I’ve sat over near the school before and it felt a lot more cramped.


Aug 2, 2019
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I've been sitting around section 401 and I really like it there. Unfortunately gotta move now cause we got some absolute nutbag sitting behind us. Moving into the members section 439.

I don't like the seats on the Stanley Street side especially during afternoon games where you just get smashed by the sun.

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