Best site to buy NBA tickets

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Sep 26, 2004
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Hi all

Am heading to the States in January and am wondering if anyone can advise as to the best site to buy tickets through.

Last time I went (about 4 years ago) I think I used StubHub and another reseller, but for the life of me I cannot remember exactly.

Any tips?


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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 23, 2005
AFL Club
When I lived in the States, I used StubHub all the time. Can usually get them for less than face value. In Texas anyway, could be different elsewhere. I bought $10 playoff tickets for Spurs v Grizzlies (they scheduled it at a weird time), and $150 NBA Finals tickets while driving down the highway from Austin to San Antonio.

The Rockets used an exchange called Flash Seats, I think some other teams have something similar (or even same website).


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 14, 2008
Warragul, Victoria
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St Kilda
We used StubHub last year for all of the major sports.
Stubhub f’ed up and never sent the barcode through for the tickets last playoff series in Boston so couldn't scan to get in (didn't even realize until I was queuing up)

Nobody wanted to know me there or help me except THANKFULLY there was a nice young usher who spent an hour on the phone to them.. They admitted their mistakes and gave me 2x tickets of equal or higher seating quality side by side. As you could imagine, a Celtics home playoff spare seats would be very hard to come by so the ones we received were pretty much right where the team owner and staff and such sit. Was amazing.

Despite the fu** around and missing half the first quarter, it worked out well... i was stressing so bad i was going to miss the whole game. I tipped the young usher 100usd and it was worth every cent for him helping us

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