Betting on most free kicks

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Bunk Moreland

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Sep 22, 2011
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The idea of betting on footy annoys me full stop.

It's a scandal that the league has a betting partner, and I can't wait til it's just a shameful memory.
People think it’s just a sponsorship with BetEasy.

The AFL charges product fees to every Australian bookmaker that bets on footy (which is all of them).

The AFL takes a cut of every single bet that is placed on their matches with everybody.

It’s big money and it’s kept quiet.

US sports franchise owners are popping champagne corks everywhere with sports betting being legalised.

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Hawthorn United

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Jul 16, 2007
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I'm wondering if any betting agencies allow punters to bet on which team will receive the most free kicks. Not so much because I want to do it, but because it would be interesting to investigate why or why not it is happening. (My apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere - please refer me to that place).
Can ask Jaidyn Stephenson. He'll know.

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