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Perhaps this isn't really the right thread for this, but I couldn't find an appropriate thread and it's not worth creating a thread for it. I'm mainly posting this for advice and guidance in the hope that someone is better positioned or more experienced than me in approaching this issue.

On Saturday I placed three NBA bets using an EBT in a TAB outlet. They were all the same bet. The actual bet and stakes aren't important.

The bet won. This morning I went to cash in my winning tickets. The machine processed the ticket(s) and showed "This is not a winning ticket". I double checked the result of my bet and saw that it definitely won.

I contacted TAB customer support, who investigated the bet. They confirmed with me that the bet won and was incorrectly settled as a losing bet.

They explained I have to go to a TAB outlet, fill out a claim form and send in the winning tickets. Once processed, they will credit me with the winnings, either by cheque or straight into my TAB account.

I grabbed a TAB claim form from an operator. She explained to me the process. It's not as simple as 1, 2, 3. I need to fill out a Stat Dec, get an Affidavit signed, send in the winning tickets, and most likely wait six to eight weeks until the claim is processed and I receive my winnings.

Such an inconvenience. I'm sure most here will agree.

From chatting to TAB customer support and doing a very small amount of research, I understand this is pretty much the only process I can follow to collect my winnings (unless someone here can suggest otherwise). The Sportsbet number associated with the ticket changes from day to day. The Sportsbet number from my winning bet is now associated with a different bet from today's NBA matches. They explained this is the reason why they cannot resettle the ticket from a losing ticket to a winning one.

It was also explained to me had I placed the bets using my TAB account, I'd be able to have the winnings credited into my account instantly. They wouldn't be able to resettle the bets, but they'd simply be able to credit me the winnings in a separate transaction. Sorta makes sense, even if I don't agree with the concept.

From my perspective, I feel TAB should be moving with the times. Every other book that I know of has resettled bets for me in the past within 20 minutes of me bringing it to their attention that they have settled a bet incorrectly.

The big issue I have is every time the TAB settles a bet incorrectly, they aren't able to resettle it as a winning bet.


Punter X places a $10 bet online. The bet wins but is settled as a loss. Punter X contacts TAB and brings this to their attention. TAB aren't able to resettle the bet but they happily credit them with their winnings.

Punter Y places the same bet. Punter Y checks his betting summary and sees his bet loses. He doesn't think any more of it and just assumes his bet has lost. Because TAB don't resettle bets, Punter Y is now out of pocket.

If this same scenario happens with any other book, the market gets resettled correctly and Punter Y is rightfully awarded with his winnings.

Is there a good reason why the TAB aren't able to move from Sportsbet numbers to transaction IDs? Every other online book has a Transaction ID for each individual bet. It's unique and will never be repeated. As previously explained, the different is the TAB uses Sportsbet numbers that aren't unique. If they changed to receipt or transaction IDs, the bets will be resettled without an issue.

Has anyone experienced similar to this? I'd love to hear of any suggestions people have that allows me to receive my winnings ASAP, instead of waiting for the standard 6-8 weeks until the claim is processed.

Will it be unreasonable for me to request some sort of compensation for their error / inconvenience?
I was hoping someone could offer a resolution. It's been only two weeks. Still gotta wait another 4-6 weeks. Is there not anything else I can do to speed up the process?

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