TV Bichette: Where after all the todo about having chicks on the show she chooses a bloke

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Jul 2, 2005
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This season will make history with the first mixed-gender cast. Brooke will be spending time with both men and women throughout the season in her quest to find love. Not only is this a ground-breaking moment for Australian television, but it marks an international milestone as well. This is the first time that any Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise in the world will feature a mixed-gender cast. We really do love to see it.
"If it makes people feel uncomfortable in any way, I really challenge them to think about why it does," she said in a statement.
During her time on The Bachelor in 2018, she addressed her sexuality while talking to leading man Nick Cummins. Here, she revealed she'd had four relationships in her life, with one of those being with a man.
"When I was in those relationships, I looked beyond what they were as female and I really loved [them] for who they were as people."

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Mumma Mebbie
Feb 6, 2013
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I've completely gone off the Bach (didn't even last one episode) but I will def give this a go. Hopefully Brooke is more entertaining than previous participants in the franchise have been as the Bach (e.g. Matty J, Richie)

The Sultan

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Mar 29, 2007
Rand McNally
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Gunna guess
  1. all the chicks are going to be “hot” lesbians
  2. Some of the guys will be bi
  3. One of the girls won’t have been with another girl before but is curious.
  4. There will be some in-house action bw the contestants
  5. It will be a train wreck - but not in a good way

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