Big Brother VIP - Could They Scrape The Bottom Of The Barrel Any Further ??

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 20, 2002
Snooty Mosman !!
AFL Club
Saw an extended promo for the upcoming Big Brother VIP series on CH7 and nearly puked !!

Jessika Power - cheap tart who would go to the opening of an envelope
Megan Markle's brother Thomas - who the feck ??
Omarosa Manigault Newman - was an aide to Trump, do I really look like I care who she is ??
Caitlyn Jenner - the curry powder in my pantry has more spice and a longer shelf life than him/her
Dayne Beams - does he still have a debt to pay off ??
Imogen Anthony - any woman who has zotted Kyle Sandilands should be best avoided

They should be using the Eagles track "Desperado" as the theme song to this utter pap.

Will gladly be giving this show a very wide berth, my TV remote can only be thrown at the screen so many times !!


Sep 12, 2007
AFL Club
St Kilda
Im not above watching anything, i love trash TV and this is a trough to low for even me to stick my snout in.

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