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Aug 8, 2008
AFL Club
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Arsenal, Macarthur FC
Guys, just one thing and I am not singling anyone out, but if you seriously want to try this the logos are either going to have to be absolute perfect photoshop designs, which means no rough edges (especially on curves and text), no fine outlines that come from the design not cleanly being cut out before being pasted on top of other layers (mostly dark ones, either that or they will have to be done in Illustrator, oh and certainly no watermarks over the top (nor comments like "heres one I designed") that show who designed them.

Currently there may be 2 or 3 that may be believable.

Also just another thing, we are in 2013 and only weeks away from a new season and no club is likely to release a new logo now (especially seen just about all guernseys have been released and most logo changes occur either before or at the same time as guernseys). If these are to possibly be believed, make them for 2014.

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