Welcome BigFooty Saints Board Introductions - What's your background in following the Saints?

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Apr 18, 2013
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St Kilda
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South east Melb. PHOENIX
We are a big Catholic club apparently, they were meant to have a strong presence in the force too. Maybe linked.
We'll take membership fees of all of the above without prejudice embracing all denominations Catholics, Muslims, any Buddhists, Jehova's, Jews, Gentiles and even Engineers IF they declare allegiance to the SAINTS ...and may the Force be with us all in 2020 ....To infinity and Beyond......throw in Chewbacca at CHF or CHB for that fact and maybe Ja ja BINGKS...we got his bro just a matter of time and the FAMILY will be reunited...ALL SAINTS day presumably.
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All Australian
Sep 6, 2019
AFL Club
St Kilda
Pull up a chair, pour yourself $LIQUOR-OF-CHOICE and get ready for a tale ...

As a youngster living in Brisbane in the early 80s (pre-dating the Broncos and Bears, with the NBL Bullets being the main show in town) I started to notice that on the weekends there was this game unlike anything I'd seen, playing on the TV.

I took a bit of an interest, and slowly learned the rules of the game, found myself appreciating the big hits, high flying, and obvious skills, and slowly got to where I was watching every weekend. Back in those days it was mostly a game of the week, so saw a lot of Hawthorn, Essendon, Carlton and Collingwood, plus an appreciation for the goal-scoring of Lockett and Ablett Snr, and the complete insanity of Wacko Jacko.

I basically appreciated the game itself, rather than closely aligning with a club (though I did have a favourite team through that time, at least until the Bad News Bears came to town, and everyone did, indeed, dare to beat the bear :) )

Fast forward to 2000, and I'd moved to Sydney for work. Finally attended my first live game at the S.C.G., a cheap ticket to the Kangas vs Port, which I attended with 7333 other people who probably still wish they hadn't ;) On the plus side, I did get to see the wonder that was Spider Burton live, which was probably worth it.

In 2001, Sydney moved some games to the Olympic Stadium, and I picked up a package of tickets to those games, which I attended with a work colleague, and did a similar thing in 2002. Real life then stopped me from attending any games until '09.

My wife discovered the Saints in 2008, and started to follow them. In '09 she bought her first membership, and we made occasional trips down to Melbourne for games, and really splurged to be able to attend the GF - which was heartbreaking for her.

Kept doing the same sort of thing in 2010 and 2011, but relocated to our current home before the 2012 season, and progressively ramped up our involvement, moving from 5-game memberships, to volunteering at home games (How I Want To Be Crew), and finally to Cheer Squad.

It's been an interesting journey, but it won't be complete until there's a second trophy at RSEA Park ...

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Apr 26, 2020
AFL Club
St Kilda
I grew up in a largely rugby league supporting family despite the fact we live in Victoria. I go for St George in the NRL so the Saints stuck out for me a bit. My dads favourite AFL side is the Saints, although he hardly ever watches them. Other reasons include their colours, the coastal feel (I love the sea), some Saints supporting friends and the fact that I spent a quarter of my childhood at Luna Park.


Team Captain
Oct 31, 2017
AFL Club
St Kilda
In 1965 moved from Bristol, England to East Bentleigh,Vic. So no need to state why we, started barracking for the "Mighty Sainter's" back then. My childhood memories, are of Kevin Cowboy Neale & Barry Lawrence bashing up the opposition down at Moorabbin, often in the mud. And Trevor Barker's soaring marks, time & time again.


Sep 16, 2020
AFL Club
St Kilda
As a kid I thought I followed the Dees. My Grandmother thought different. She bought me a season ticket for 10 shillings. Gran and I watched the Doc, big Carl, Ian Stewart, Ross Smith, the Cowboy, Verdun Howell and others play at Albert Park, Moorabin, Waverley, Princess Park and the G. By the end of the season I had just about forgotten who Ron Barrassi skippered.


Dec 19, 2020
AFL Club
St Kilda
G'day. A Queensland born and raised Saint here, was passed on the St Kilda genes from my old man who was a fan ever since he was a boy down Mornington Peninsula way.

Born in 83 so growing up I was easily hooked into St Kilda fandom thanks to our stars of the 90s - Winmar, Loewe, Harvey, Bourke etc.

One memory that always makes me laugh in hindsight is a post match function at Brisbane's Pineapple Hotel after a thumping at the Gabba, must of been around 99/2000. Definitely Watson era as coach and we had lost by 90 or so. My parents became Lions members just to support footy in Qld so I copped endless grief all game from the Lions fans I was surrounded by, as I was decked out in my Saints gear. I was so excited to meet the team after the game, and they were all very accommodating, but geez the boys were so glum, the mood was dismal. Felt like a wake! I definitely picked up on that down vibe, however I ended winning a ball signed by the team so it turned into the greatest arvo of my young life. One happy kid, 40 something sad saints players and officials 🤣.

Random aside: Nick Reiwoldt was a year older than me but I was lucky enough to play against him for one junior game (I filled in for numbers for an older team). Obvious then at 16-yrs-old that he was bound to be a star. Funnily enough, David Hale was a gun key forward around that same age group on the Gold Coast and they both seemed to be on the same level. Didn't think he'd end up a ruck!

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