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Feb 14, 2012
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Howdy all,

On the back of a great event for the Player Sponsors Trivia night, the next event will be on Sunday 18th August for the VFL Game at Sandringham.
Generally this event involves food and beverages in the function room and a couple of speakers from the club.

Game will be Sandy v Port Melb.
It is the day after we play Carlton @ MCG

As always please reply if your keen to put your hand up for the event

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Apr 7, 2004
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Seeing that not one of you people wanted to be my date, I had to take my wife along which somewhat curtailed my efforts to go around and speak to some of the players. And by somewhat, I mean completely so not much to report.

This was a combined function with Sandy so we got to hear from one of their sponsors and we now know a lot more about the signage business than before. Briner signs I think if you want to check them out.

It was also a 50 year reunion of the Sandringham U19 Premiership and they had the coach and captain up on stage. They were down 34 points at 3/4 time in the GF and ended up winning by seven goals. Maybe the coach could shoot in an application for the Saints job.

Then Luke Dunstan and Rowan Marshall were up on stage. Dunstan talked about moving to Melbourne and doesn't seem to have much dragging him back to Adelaide. Marshall talked about the trials and tribulations of living in Portland and trying to get drafted and all the travel he did. Both were put on the spot and asked if they thought Ratts should get the job. Both said "yes" but I don't think they had many options.

I saw Saintsational Simon and Saint Watto there. We ended up chatting to Saint Watto for a while and managed to find a spot that was being totally missed by all the servers but by the end of the function there were trays of crumbed chicken, mini pulled pork rolls and mini hamburgers everywhere. As someone who lives with two vegans, I felt I needed to make the most of the opportunity. There were no problems getting a drink and it really is a fairly stress free function. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to go next year.

We didn't stay for the game, but as we were walking in, the wind was howling and by the time we arrived home the rain was belting down, so it was probably a good call to leave when we did.

Saint Watto

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Oct 24, 2016
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It was great seeing you again Kosi and meeting yr'd both gone by the time I got back to the spot.

Yr spot on re the was fantastic.......being a combined Sandy/Saints function,there was a huge crowd there.

The catering was fantastic....I food/drinks from noon till 2.00 pm....what could possibly go wrong.

The food platters were never ending.

I was more than surprised that no one wanted to be yr plus one.(I think your jokes are funny)

As Kosi has said above,to all the sponsors on year if you have the time avail......put yr name down for the raffle for the's a great of the few times where you can talk to a player/s for more than 5-10's all very relaxed.

I didn't see Hanners,Bruce or Lonie yesterday.....may have missed a few others too.

Had a chat to the Sandy he's a bit of a gun....Sandy is IMO in good hands with him.

One thing that struck me is how Paddy looked so different in the face.

From 30 feet guest said.."is that Paddy standing at the bar"....said person was in direct line of view.

I replied after some eye straining......"No it's not".....more eye straining....we both agreed it wasn't him and assumed it was a support staffer.

At the bar 1/2 hour later I glanced to my right and said person was indeed Paddy......I was a little shocked at how different he looked front on.....maybe it's the beard but his face/head looked bigger......too many pies maybe !!!!

Maybe I'd had too much

My guest chatted to Paddy,Wilke and Hind....said their great down to earth guys.

He had a good chat to Paddy......Paddy was telling about his USA trip and when guest asked the dreaded question re him playing....guest said his body language changed.

Guest took that as Paddy knows the footy days are over.

Full marks to the Saints and Sandy for a great afternoon.
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