Podcast BigFooty Tigercast 2019 Episodes - S03 EP24 ft Tiger71, Captain Blood17 & Karp3_dm

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Feb 25, 2014
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Episode 23 is now done and dusted.

Current episode:
S03 EP23 ft richoatthedisco

Tigercast time!!

On this weeks episode:

-Review of Carlton game
-The performance of Prestia, Vlastuin, Graham, Nankervis, Ross
-Our interchange number was low last week
-Shane Edwards performance in his 250th game
-Nank / Chol / Balta / CCJ
-VFL Update
-Pickett talk
-Preview of West Coast game

plus more!

Huge thanks to richoatthedisco for coming on, he was fantastic!

Check out the episode on the below links:

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Not looking forward to the soundtrack!

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Feb 4, 2006
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Fantastic to hear the one and only RAD , how come I’m the only lifer around here that hasn’t been invited on
Cause you didnt put your name down in the sign up thread!



Feb 4, 2006
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Alright folks tonight we are going LIVE!!!!

Which makes me equal parts nervous and excited..

Tonight at around 7:30pm approx you can click on the below link to tune into tonight's Podcast LIVE!

I will be joined by Tiger71 captain blood 17 Grockadoc and Karp3_dm

we will be discussing the Eagles game, talking about some specific players no doubt, the studs up rule saga, trade talk news, preview of Lions game plus more.

Listen at your own risk, may contain swearing.. you have been warned.

I feel like a storm is brewing with some of these guys and they may just tee off tonight on a few other clubs..

If you want to listen in live tonight, just click on the link below at around 7:30pm approx (be kind if it's not bang on time, I'm at the mercy of an 11 month old) and it will take you to the Spreaker page and the Live episode will be at the top of the list.

Enjoy and may the force be with us all.
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