Podcast BigFooty Tigercast 2019 Guest sign up thread

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Feb 14, 2014
AFL Club
Like talking about the Tigers?
Enjoy having banter with fellow Richmond posters?
Ever wanted your voice and football thoughts heard by *millions?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then the Tigercast is the place for you to kickstart your **media career!

The Tigercast will be back for season 2019 and we pride ourselves on getting our loyal Richmond posters on as guests of the show each week to provide their thoughts and insights for the weekly games and any other hot topics that have come up during the week.

It is a fun, easy going environment and I can honestly say there has never ever been an awkward moment, everyone always clicks because we all have the same common interest, the Richmond Football Club.

We are always looking for new talent to come on so if you would like to come on for a chat, this is the place to express your interest!

What you need to know:

1) Episodes are usually recorded on a Monday or Tuesday night at around 7:30pm Melbourne time.
2) All you need is Skype and a head set (can use the ones you get with mobile phones)

that is literally it.

For each weekly episode I send a PM to both of the guests with the agenda of what we will be speaking about so you can prepare, write notes, find stats or do whatever you want to do. so nothing is ever really a surprise.

I look forward to getting some new faces onto the show for this season! Of course previous guests are always welcome back on the show as well!

*by Millions I mean hundreds, possibly thousands
**media career may or may not eventuate. but it's nice to dream!

Round 1 vs Carlton:

Round 2 vs Collingwood

Round 3 vs GWS

Round 4 vs Port Adelaide

Round 5 vs Sydney

Round 6 vs Melbourne

Round 7 vs Western Bulldogs

Round 8 vs Fremantle

Round 9 vs Hawthorn

Round 10 vs Essendon

Round 11 vs North Melbourne

Round 12 vs Geelong

Round 13 vs Adelaide

Round 15 vs St Kilda

Round 16 vs Gold Coast

Round 17 vs GWS

Round 18 vs Port Adelaide

Round 19 vs Collingwood

Round 20 vs Melbourne

Round 21 vs Carlton

Round 22 vs West Coast

Round 23 vs Brisbane Lions

Guest list for 2019:
I'll do an episode, dont mind which one.
Feb 4, 2006
AFL Club
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Sign me up!

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Keen to come back for a 2nd appearance mate
I'd like to come on some time.
I'll do an episode, dont mind which one.
Count me in Michaels

I’m good for most weeks. :)
Happy to Michaels.

Good most weeks, barring last week in May at this stage.

And if you have dropouts, usually good to step in as well.
I'd love to do an episode.
thanks heaps for putting your names forward to come onto the show, great to see some new posters getting involved too! I have added you all to the guest list in the OP!

For your efforts you will be rewarded with a shiny Podcast badge at the end of next season :)

Hope to see a few more get involved for next seasons shows, its good fun so don't be shy!

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