Podcast BigFooty Tigercast - S03, EP02 - ft Grockadoc, TLL & CB17...again.. you love us..

Do you like the Wildcard finals system as mentioned by CB17 in tonights Podcast?

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 4, 2012
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Nice podcast guys!
I'd rather scrap the bye round after the season before meddling with a wildcard type system. Tanking or dead rubbers are clearly the exception to the rule, not the rule. You don't change entire systems based on a tiny edge case. Besides, you don't solve the problem, you merely bring it forward a couple of weeks. They will need to have a wildcard round at round 21 for the teams that rest before the wildcard round and so on...lol

There has already been panic about the quality of the games last year in general. Seems to be born out of greed and or spoiled brattiness....we want every game of football of every round to be great. Well guess what...this is impossible. Some games will always be bad relative to other games. That's life. And it is what gives everything meaning. There is no good without measuring it against the bad. So what if we get a couple of games at the end of the year that are meaningless and are crap to watch. It makes the games like Round 23 2017 Melbourne v West Coast so amazing.

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captain blood 17

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Dec 9, 2006
#rentfree in Cats and Magpie supporters heads.
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Surprisingly very .. err French. Which means 37 hour work week with 2 hour lunch breaks. There are some good guys but **** they're lazy.

I'd rather your thoughts, of my thoughts, on the wildcard?
Mate, I appreciate all the thoughts and ideas. And certainly what you say has merit and weight. I certainly don’t disagree with it. And it’s one of the reasons i wanted to raise it. Let’s talk about it. Because you just know at some stage the AFL PR machine will try and drive this concept in AUG.

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Sep 4, 2004
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Just listened whilst cooking dinner, I didn’t do a whole lot but thanks for the shout-out anyway.
I must be in the minority but I’ve got zero issue with twilight GF, I still think the Sunday twilight game is the absolute graveyard shift of the AFL but don’t have to worry about that because we’re not norf, I was completely against twilight until the 2017 prelim, the atmosphere was amazing plenty of time to chill at the London before hand, sun setting added to it.
Granted though we had perfect weather that day for it, if it was cold and wet it would be a different story completely.


Sep 4, 2004
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Wildcard I don’t like at all.
Already dead weight in the finals usually imagine if the 10th place team got in.
Best way to fix the end of year IMO is change the draft system to a lottery for the top picks amongst the non finals teams and work a way to make teams want to win by giving extra balls in the lottery someway.


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Aug 4, 2016
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With our JLT Game 1 completed on the weekend it was the perfect opportunity to jump into another podcast.

As always there was plenty to talk about so I got the band back together from Episode 1 for some more laughs and footy talk.

We also launched a new segment tonight called Tigercast Takedown. I want to admit up front I didn't actually realise one of the things TLL said in his Tigercast Takedown section until after I uploaded it ha ha.

In a slight twist for tonights episode we have a poll we would love you to participate in based on one of the discussions we had, and I'm also including an image of a pair of shoes. You will need to listen to find out why.

On tonights episode:
-Review of our JLT 1 game including talk on the following players;
Balta, Houli, Higgins, Ross, Weller, Broad, Vlastuin, Soldo, Rioli.
-How did we feel we coped with the 6-6-6 rule, and an interesting fact to go with it.
-Champion Data copped a drive by at that point for various things.
-The kicking out rule and how its going to help us.
-Should we play Dusty this week?
-Twilight Grand Final, do we like it?
-The proposed Wild card finals system (see poll)
**new segment** Tigercast Takedown:
TLL, Grock and Michaels all come off the long run up on various topics. Each person had a 2 minute time limit. I also included a sneaky sound effect when time was up ;-)

plus more.

Massive thanks to Grockadoc TheLoungeLizard and captain blood 17 for coming on again. It was probably our best discussion yet we feel.

Here is the photo of the shoes as promised, listen in to find out what that's about. We also give you a chance to post your story.

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You can check out the episode on the below links.

**mild language warning**


iTunes is giving me issues again, will advise once up.
Without a doubt the best podcast since the 2017 finals series . So glad to hear Michaels give Champion Data a whack ( thanks , I don’t get Saad as elite ) and CB comments on Hird & Kevin Sheedy echo my exact thoughts !!
Loved Lizards white platform shoes story , somehow I could relate ( that’s a worry!!).
Really enjoy your work guys, looking forward to 2019 . Eat em alive !!

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