MVP BigFooty West Coast Eagles Player of the Year 2021 - Results Thread - Congratulations Nic Naitanui

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Club Legend
Jul 28, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Lincoln City Imps, West Perth
MrWoollie you missed Round 2 vs the Bulldogs, 4 vs St Kilda, 11 vs Essendon, 15 vs the Bulldogs, 16 vs Sydney, 17 vs North, 20 vs Collingwood, 21 vs Melbourne, 22 vs Fremantle and 23 vs Brisbane

Tim Kelly 26 votes
Nic Naitanui 23 votes

Player you loved: Pretty impressive to have Tim Kelly around about his average votes despite not voting in 10 games
Player you hated: Impossible to tell with 10 missed games
Considering how much I was against the TK trade (not the getting him, the price we unnecessarily paid), that is a surprise.

Edit - also pretty obvious that at the end of the year I'd given up. Didn't vote the last 4 weeks. Consider that my (lack of) protest vote at how shite the team had become.

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Feb 26, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
HoneyBadger35 you missed Rounds 4 vs St Kilda, 16 vs Sydney, 17 vs North, 20 vs Collingwood, 21 vs Melbourne and 23 vs Brisbane

Nic Naitanui 40 votes
Tom Barrass 24 votes
Tim Kelly 20 votes
Jack Darling 20 votes
Dom Sheed 19 votes
Josh Kennedy 18 votes
Andrew Gaff 16 votes
Jack Redden 12 votes
Oscar Allen 12 votes
Tom Cole 10 votes
Jack Petruccelle 9 votes
Jamie Cripps 7 votes
Shannon Hurn 7 votes
Brad Sheppard 5 votes
Luke Shuey 5 votes
Liam Ryan 4 votes
Brendon Ah Chee 4 votes
Liam Duggan 3 votes
Xavier O'Neill 2 votes
Alex Witherden 2 votes
Jamaine Jones 1 vote

Player you loved: Tom Barrass (9 votes more than average)
Player you hated: Hard to say with missing 6 games but you didn't give Elliot Yeo any votes

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