Play Nice BigNation - The newly founded land needs you!

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Jul 16, 2009
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CURRENT LAW (post my initial setup):

1. The currency will be called TABcoin (iluvparis) - 2/0 - PASSED
2. Women aren't allowed to be overweight (FireKraquora) - 2/1 - PASSED
3. All citizens must be self supporting (Lebbo73) - 2/2 - STALEMATE
4. All citizens must be self supporting Mk2 (Andrew Birch) - 3/3 - STALEMATE
5. Free Speech be absolute and can never be silenced,deleted,moderated or infringed upon in any way (WA ROO) 5/? - PASSED
6. Banning of religion - (iBeng) - 2/4 - PASSED
7. Judging Panel Act of 4/12/2019 - (The Speaker) - reached 5 votes

On Tuesday the 3rd of December we will be embarking on a new adventure and we need you on board.

This new nation needs to build a code by which all it's citizens are held to, a set of rules they all have agreed to or were agreed to by those who were there before them.

The rules of this game are simple:

To vote you need to be a citizen, to be a citizen you have to post in the game thread.
Every new citizen has to bring a new law with them, your first duty is the proposal for a new law.
--- Be careful of your wording because once it's law, it's law and you'll need someone else to propose a change and have it passed to change that.
Only those who were citizens when you joined the community can vote on your proposal.
You can propose anything you like.
Your laws cannot be omnibus collections of multiple issues, you propose a determination on a single issue at a time - unless that law is changed.
Voting will be in the form of likes or dislikes (or donkey votes of other), if you don't have access to those functions you can reply in writing.
Debate of the proposed laws are encouraged.

As the founding member of the community my proposal for a law is to code the above as the first law.
All citizens at the time of proposal: Taylor (Who votes for and it passes)

Where this goes is going to be entirely up to the community, there can be a winner in this if the law permits.
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Andrew Birch

Boomer Degen
Dec 3, 2017
AFL Club
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I'm in.

The first law I will propose is to send Chief into exile, preferably somewhere with rising sea levels for maximum lolz.
If you’re just going to troll, I can thread ban you.
The laws only impact BigNation and it's citizens, but if Chief is part of that...well, democracy rules.
Sorry, I thought this was supposed to be a fun thread.
Please don't troll me, it's against the rules of BigNation.
There are no rules yet, the nation is in a state of flux until December 3. This is essentially our Purge.

That could be our first law! One Purge annually!
First Rule of BigNation is you WILL be De-Modded by Chief if you dare to joke around about him being exiled from BigNation. Second rule, thread ban (or worse) for whinging about it.....3...2...


Intentionally left blank
Apr 3, 2012
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Brisbane Lions
I blame it on the damn whatever is the opposite of the political party I end up subscribing to in our future society.

Damn those socialist or democratic or communist or whatever they end up being!

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