Black & White - The History of Football's Most Famous Jumper - Yr12 Media Project


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Oct 27, 2016
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With the news of Trent Bianco's alleged Collingwood-inspired Year 12 VisComm project, I present to you my Year 12 Media project which I made this year. And while it's unlikely I'll ever be drafted, by Collingwood that is, it just goes to show the passion that one can have for the club.

The basic premise of this magazine/portfolio was to tell the history of the Collingwood Football Club through its jumper. While we have always been the 'Black & White', it's interesting to see how many variations there have been throughout the clubs' history.

Note* some of these pages were changed quite a bit in post-production to make them more exciting, but I don't have access to them, so these will do.

Cover page: Table of contents:

front cover.jpg
table of contents (1).jpg



1892 - 1907.jpg
1908 - 1923.jpg
1924 - 1927.jpg

1928 - 1952.jpg
1953 - 1975.jpg
1976 - 1987.jpg

1988 - 1997.jpg

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