Injury Blue Healers Medical Room - 2021

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Premiership Player
Oct 16, 2016
AFL Club
Which is more likely CM reinjuring or Browne being wrong. Both very likely scenarios so it is hard to know
It’s a bad tweet, but deep down we know it’s true. Marchy is injured on some part of his body. Again.

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All Australian
Nov 3, 2020
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Baghdad Bombers, Melbourne United
Fairly no committal on both tweets tbh.

Carlton said Marchbank was fine yesterday but I've been told he's not.

Carroll has a hand or thumb injury but was training.

Cheers Tommy, great insight. No substance in either.
You're spot on. He can't even identify which part of the body Marchy injured. Plus, Teague seems to think that he'd be fit for VFL this week.

On the other hand, Teague also said last week that Cripps was fully fit despite us now knowing that he has required 'weekly injections'. So I would probably just take everything with a grain of salt right now.

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