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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 21, 2008
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Club, and this includes players, genuinely at a loss why a certain young midfielder shines on the track but then goes missing in games. Not going to name names, be they the player involved (though if you've half a brain you can figure it out) nor the club official who passed on this info for basic confidentiality reasons.

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Mar 11, 2018
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Not much of a rumour but I thought I'd share.

The day docherty went down with a knee, Cripps also went down with a leg and Seterfield with a knee. Club thought Cripps and Setterfield were done, and docherty was alright. Ended up becoming the opposite result. Training was also called off for the day after this. Pointless rumour I guess but yeh take it was you want. Found of from a mate who has a new job within the club.

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The Edukator

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Nov 9, 2010
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Gold Coast
Okay so this won't make for pleasant reading but an ex Carlton player is in my workplace right now and I had a good 15 minute chat with him today. He was on our list this season. I asked questions and these were his responses

- him and other players would come out of team meetings and not know what the game plan was. Too complicated.
-in simple terms it was get it from half back to forward quick
-can't rely on curnow or McGovern to be the answer up forward
- his previous coach had a much better football knowledge
- bolts is easy to communicate with
- bolts plays favourites with the leadership group and certain young kids eg fisher
-would call out people on tape for mistakes but gloss over those of his favourites
- what was being physically demanded wasn't always possible ie why can't you sprint as far and as fast in the 4th as the first
-bolts lives and breathes footy. If you as a player didn't he'd get the shits with you.
- old fitness coach was a pushover and was a yes man to bolts. Reckons new guy will be much better as he has more balls
- bolts had them doing too much physical work 1or 2 days out from games resulting in too many corkies, sore shoulders and bodies.
-didn't think training loads were managed well
- wondered why the defensive teams would also practice dribbling goals from 15-20m out
-all the shit blokes have been moved on from the club. Dropped Kristian Jaksch name.

Most of this came across as pretty grim to me sadly. Said player was very open and didn't come across as bitter either. Just knew his time was up.

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Aug 26, 2004
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Couple of tidbits, apologies that it’s nothing new. Expect Cognilio to either be in Perth or navy blue in 2020.

Kerr to be used predominantly down back this year.

This year also shapes as a make or break for our senior coach, really needs to show something. The opinion is that he’s great with the group but may need some help tactically.



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May 10, 2015
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Nice little rumour came to my attention on Monday. Normally would not post a rumour from a source I haven't known for a long time but worth the possible excitement.
Tom Mitchell unhappy with the current contract at Hawthorn. Apparently only getting paid around the 600K mark and his management is sounding out suitors with Carlton his preference.

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