Bluemour Melting Pot XIX - Give Me Ed Baby - Return of the Prodigal Son

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Sep 22, 2011
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Here's the thing - what exactly is a B+ mid?

These rating systems always cause confusion, because everyone interprets them differently.

Are Wines/Crouch B+ because they're not "elite", or are they A-graders with the real elite considered A+?

We could be talking Menegola/Langdon/Jones/Newnes type players who are established seniors, and would only cost a second rounder. If that's the case, our future first gets one of them with either a late first or a second coming back to satisfy the trade restrictions.
Well that's a question for SOS and the rumour bringers. My take on it is a step below the best around, such as Crouch. I don't see all 3 getting done with picks alone though, we'll see.

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La Dispute

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Jul 14, 2005
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The rumours were flowing at that point in time. He wasn't looked highly upon on the training track and in the club.

Just nobody thought we'd have the balls to do it.
Yep, different circumstances, but we will never know how precisely the club values the players.

We’ve now had a few years to look at Marchbank and value him within the team and compared to similar players across the league, and would have a fuller picture of his capacity and future prospects.

We’d still see him as necessary, but I doubt he’s look at as essential with our current list composition.


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Nov 21, 2015
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If the dees think there fitting Elliot, Tomlinson and Langdon whilst not breaching there cap then there has to be something wrong here? Unless like alluded to(eg viney) something substantial surely falls from the tree

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Sep 9, 2005
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I wonder if the Mid we're looking at is Cam Ellis-Yolmen? Available as a free agent, might fit the role of a big body at clearances to relieve Cripps / provide cover for taggers. I know he was part of the original discussions about Gibbs a few years back and Teague worked with him at Adelaide when he was more a forward. I like him as a role player, especially at the asking price (nothing but cap space.)


Oct 9, 2016
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He hasn’t played a full season in his entire career to date. We have cover in his position, and I wouldn’t even place him in the ‘super talented’ bracket. He’s a good player with nice athleticism who intercepts well, but also has his weaknesses in his kicking skills and lack of composure at times.

We clearly already have players they want, hence Marchbank being asked about. There’s no use bringing up ‘sustained success’ when talking about Marchbank until he’s shows some sustained fitness. You never plan for players breaking down, but there’s also no guarantee with players who spend significant periods on the sidelines they’ll reach the heights we’re anticipating they do.

You have to be flexible and pragmatic when it comes to your list management, and without pushing players out the door, you have to be transparent with your expectations of the squad and realistic about areas of depth and areas of weakness.

I don’t see any real value in ousting Marchbank at this point, but I certainly have concerns about his long-term position in the team and his propensity for injury. If Marchbank wanted to go elsewhere, and it allowed us to bring in a player of need I think we’d consider moving him on.
I agree partly to what you are saying but this year is not the year to be doing that, for once we have belief, the entire club from the board to the supporters are on this ride so we need to see where this goes. There is nothing suggesting "he wants to go elsewhere"...that's a completely different scenario.

I also don't believe we run as deep down back as others are suggesting. We have 4 quality talls to choose from, Plow, Jones, Weitering and Marchbank: everyone knows you need depth. Marchbank is what 22-23? He's athletic, courageous, bold and a good reader of the play, it's madness to consider this, I would not support the club if they traded him out this year.


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Sep 1, 2016
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I’m so sick of all this pick 8 in this years draft is not worth pick 8 in another draft.

No one knows, some recruiters have said this years draft has 2 standouts and then is even after that. Nw everyone reckons they are an expert and continues to say that this draft is weak in this thread
Just get on board hey! This draft is weak and you will believe it. ;)
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