Bluemour Melting Pot XIX - Give Me Ed Baby - Return of the Prodigal Son

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Aug 12, 2018
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I wonder if the Mid we're looking at is Cam Ellis-Yolmen? Available as a free agent, might fit the role of a big body at clearances to relieve Cripps / provide cover for taggers. I know he was part of the original discussions about Gibbs a few years back and Teague worked with him at Adelaide when he was more a forward. I like him as a role player, especially at the asking price (nothing but cap space.)
We hope not.

We need to bring in some half decent quality not fringe players


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Feb 9, 2012
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I suppose the same principle applies as it does to our ITK posters, that being the landscape can change within an hour.

I remember speaking to Sticks at the Casino late one Saturday night, and he said Cloke to Carlton was 'as good as done'.
I even remember one of our ITK basically declare him a Blue!
No one could have predicted Cloke changing his mind in the carpark.

We dodged a bullet there anyway.

I'm being cautiously optimistic. Don't want to be shattered if we miss one or both.

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Jul 12, 2002
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I'm sure I saw a cloke playing for carlton - was that part of the long, cold winter and never actually happened?
A very long, cold winter that went from 2007 to 2009.. i mean that never actually happened.

*It seems there have been a bunch of images photoshopped of a Cloke in a Carlton guersney also.


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Jul 24, 2015
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No one could have predicted Cloke changing his mind in the carpark.

We dodged a bullet there anyway.

I'm being cautiously optimistic. Don't want to be shattered if we miss one or both.
I'm confident on both. I'm also confident Gold Coast won't accept a future 2nd on it's own for Martin.

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Nov 3, 2011
Bundaberg, Qld
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How old is Tom Papley's brother, Will?
From what i can tell, seems about drafting age. Draft him as a rookie, will that help the decision?
Oh though i suppose the drafts come after the trade period.. *hmm*

Seems to get decent contested ball numbers, 49-43 (53% or so).. but only 92 touches from 9 matches.
Next year's draft and a November "foal" so very young. Likely to have plenty of upside. Cool the heels for 12 months.


Sep 30, 2018
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Question for y'all. How would you rate our targets - outside of Papley, Martin, Eddie (the obvious ones we're looking at getting) - in terms of preference/importance to our side, on the assumption that our Future first rounder and change is on the table?

NB: Must be names we've heard of that could be on the move.

For mine, it'd be:
1. B. Crouch (perfect foil and on cusp of A grader but has injury risk, which Russell would help with)
2. Laird (dual-AA HB capable of pushing up the ground)
3. Wines
4. Viney

No doubt a few others I've missed, but these would be my personal hit list. Get Papley and Martin to publicly jump on board, Eddie/Sauce to commit then we've got much more pull/momentum to make a deal happen.
Thinking EddieBetts might not happen due to the $$$ like the romance of him coming back and playing then going into a coaching roll but mainly like the idea of younger aged players that will have a impact for us in a number of ways being speed skill and more goal kicking abilities that we do really need. We can't get everything we need mainly because we just don't possess enough picks and would be really concerned with trading out any players that need more development atm that could have an effect on the strong bonds these players have made with each other.
If we got something close to this group of players in this trade period then added a couple of later picks through the National Draft I'd be more than satisfied, Papley Martin and Butler providing crumbing goals, speed, forward pressure and skilful forward entry delivery we clearly lack and B.Crouch who imo is a terrific inside/outside midfielder who can rack up big numbers and importantly provide Cripps and Ed with more support and take the heat of some of our youngsters Walsh, Dow, Stocker, Kennedy SPS, Cuningham, Fisher, JSOS, Gibbo as well, Cameron is a bit of an unknown atm but at 24yrs provides another ruck backup need too.

1. Papley
2. Martin
3. Crouch
4. Butler
5. Cameron
6. Draft
7. Draft

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Jan 27, 2008
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Where are we meeting him? ferrisb you are the kind of meet ups? KohPhi

I vote not the royal as that might come on too strong.

Papley meeting is in the Manager's office of a major Melbourne hospital.

As Tom enters, newly promoted Head Nurse Ms Papley will be exiting the office looking for someone to jubilantly hug.
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