Bluemour Melting Pot XXII

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Jun 4, 2006
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My 12 yo daughter likes K Pop … I would feel much better if she had a crush on Brodie … *Sigh*
that the korean pop groups, tinny? might be a conversation worth having here.........I imagine she'd know of them and possibly be confused or upset.....


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Jul 25, 2019
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Not a rumour as such , but my 16 year old daughter just said 'OMG , How good looking is that Brodie Kemp - I think he's my new poster boy !'.

She said - 'Carlton definitely now have the best looking players '
I got bit of a schoolboy crush on Maddykins (Prespakis) myself from our AFLW team myself.

And many times in the last few years, I find myself wondering if I am not just the teeniest bit in love with Paddy Cripps. I am comfortable enough to admit it 😆😆😆

Eiffel 65

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Sep 18, 2018
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re: the Rowell Bluemour

Can also confirm of sorts, I teach his next door neighbour at school who is disgustingly a Dons fan. Been telling me all year that he plans on returning to Vic to play for Carlton at some stage and was really disappointed that we traded our pick away this year. Never mentioned a time frame of 4 years or when that would be, but apparently is as die hard Carlton as he is a gardener, similar vein to Doc.

Would love if it ends up happening but who knows what will end eventuate.
We'd all love for it to happen. The only problem I see is that we may have a bit of a cap squeeze in the years to come.

Lets take it one step and a time and target Caldwell next trade period :)

Time to reunite these young men from the Bendigo Pioneers :)

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