Bluemour Melting Pot XXII

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Oct 5, 2010
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Would love for MLG, Liddell n SOS to internally accept faults, see each other’s perspective n work this out... and then move on. If Liddell did do what is claimed, I’m sure his intentions were for the betterment of the club but he went about it the wrong way. He’s also done a lot right and is a great communicator (aside from this ironic instance) in my opinion. Too much good has been going on at the club to have a public dummy-spit that leaks to ITKs and plays out in a variety of creative ways in the forums. Moving on would be powerful.
Again, maybe I’m being naive.

This! So much this... Great post.

Ego should be put aside. I just hope things aren't so broken that MLG can't facilitate this discussion. And if they do manage to sit down, I hope he can help them navigate it successfully.

Concerned on both points, but let's hope!


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Aug 11, 2004
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still waiting to see which way we will procure him but it all seems as inevitable as numbers sniffing out a beer special at the lion hotel...........
Yup will be interesting, I’d be astonished if Suns or Demons would contemplate selecting a disinterested party, it's poor list management and counterproductive.

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Sep 19, 2018
Shark Bay
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Yup will be interesting, I’d be astonished if Suns or Demons would contemplate selecting a disinterested party, it's poor list management and counterproductive.
Given we're currently cashed up to our clackers with salary cap space and didn't land the big fish, there may be a massively front ended contract offered to him to blow any opposition away.

Martin can nominate his own contract terms through the draft, meaning whichever club can satisfy his requests will be able to recruit him. Process of negotiation in between times between us and his manager.

Which basically translates to **** em'.

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Aug 26, 2004
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Dec 11, 2011
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By the looks there will be a couple of big off field changes before 2020 begins. How is this going to effect the players?
I ask with genuine interest/concern. Up until Bolts was appointed coach I never took a great deal of interest in the off field with the exception of head coach and to a lesser extent the president.


Jul 25, 2019
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Get the feeling some of so called ITK posters cannot be trusted. Some are seen to be but I am no longer trusting as many. Only trust the main one I know given recent strange goings on.
I tend to subscribe in the 'don't shoot the Messenger' adage with ITK poster's. The likes of Marc Shmurf 3 barass70 and tencentpiece have proven track records in the past, seems to me the internal workings at the club have discombobulated since the trade period (If not before)

There are a number of variables in play here that the ITK poster's shouldn't be blamed for (such as Dodoro being a real stingy and petty negotiator with JD, ditto the Suns with J-Martin), or the SOS fallout, stuff like that was always going to leak out.

Believe me, there are far more things to worry about than ITK posters. Keep the faith with them friend, we came close to losing one of our most valued ITK posters a few months ago, I think a bit of common sense and patience and courtesy towards them wouldn't go astray (and I also like your contributions to this forum too)
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