Bluemour Melting Pot XXVII

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Nov 3, 2020
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Melbourne United
I think Levi's ruck work is underrated, not as a number 1 ruck, but as a chopout ruckman.
Averages almost 2 contested marks a game as well. Doesn't have a great disposal, but loves the contested ball, can get the odd tackle, kicks goals, great on the defensive 1v1, and very good as some ruck relief too.

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norway blue

Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 21, 2018
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Averages almost 2 contested marks a game as well. Doesn't have a great disposal, but loves the contested ball, can get the odd tackle, kicks goals, great on the defensive 1v1, and very good as some ruck relief too.
His disposal is good between the arcs.

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 11, 2009
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1. Levi Casboult - Is the most important piece of the forward line puzzle. He crashes packs and takes marks, makes teams think twice about sitting someone loose in the "hole" in front of goal to block space, takes away the ability to double team Hendo and/or Waite and creates opportunities for Garlett, Menzel to do their job effectively. If Casboult stand up, we are top four material if the midfield breaks even with the best sides.

2. Patrick Cripps - This kid wont break games open, he will shatter them to pieces Kouta-style. Has the unique blend of ball winning ability to go with the toughness of a Robinson/Bell with the vision and skills of a Gibbs/Murphy, kinda like a big-ass version of Simpson with added unpredictability. Okay, maybe in a season or two he will, but right now we need players able to win their own ball and use it well. Will complement the midfield of Murphy, Gibbs, Thomas, Judd, McLean, Graham, Curnow and Carrots without losing any effectiveness when they are resting. Will also allow Judd to play more of an outside role and hopefully protect Murphy from having to bang and crash too often, which he is not big enough to do and stay injury free. With him, Bell and Robbo to rotate through the middle, we are finally assembling the stronger types we need to compete with the Hawks, Swans etc.

3. Andrejs Everitt - Can play on a mix of player types which adds much needed flexibility to the backline. Jamo and Watson can take the two big forwards but we have struggled against sides that can throw an effective third tall/ruckman at us as well. Add his run to that provided by Tuohy, Yarran and Walker and we will be able to punish sides that turn the ball over. Could also be used as a "get out of jail free card" on the wing when coming out of defence. It has been a while since we have had a tall marking wingman with speed.

These three are crucial to the team this season as they allow others to play their roles more effectively and end the need to play guys away from their best position/natural style purely to plug gaps.

Would love for teams to be forced into planning their game style to minimise our strengths, rather than us needing to always plan to stop theirs.
This was my post about the most important 3 players going into season 2014. Wasn’t too far off as Andrejs did win the goal kicking


Premiership Player
Sep 19, 2019
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Who would be the logical replacements if one of Weitering or Jones were injured? Casboult back and McGovern to CHF?
What if McKay or Casboult were injured? McGovern or JSOS into a KPF position? That sounds ugly.
Yes - we look ok on paper without any further injuries, but the main point over the last page or so, our list ratio is off. We got rid of Macreadie, Goddard, Moore BSOS without bringing in any like for like + Kreuzer retired on top of that.
Most of that quartet were miles off the pace, not even close to a gig let alone contributing.

MacDonald for mine.


Premium Platinum
Nov 27, 2016
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That's why I would pick Xavier Maher, a kid who could be something, given his lack of exposure last year, over 3rd rate KP wannabees, who look good on paper but are not AFL standard. If one of Jones or Weiters goes down, is Mcdonald going to be a better KPB than Marchbank, Levi or Jsos?

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