Bob Jane vs CAMS

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Dec 11, 2005
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[FONT=Helvetica, Arial, Times Roman]Posted 20/02/06: Open letter to CAMS[/FONT]​
Bob Jane / AASA
Feb 20 2006
Open letter to CAMS

Monday, 20 February 2006

Dr. Rob Nethercote
PO Box 147
Caulfield East VIC 3145

Dear Rob,

I think the time has come for you and your CAMS’ staff to stop telling lies about AASA and more particularly, about AASA’s motor sport insurance.

Apart from the history of Peter Bready and your State Manager visiting car clubs informing them as to the dangers of using Calder Park and the danger of using AASA’s Public Liability Insurance plus the most recent gross illegal act by your appointed Board Member, Kevin Moore, should be considered.

Mr. Moore, representing CAMS, stated to Rod Dale who had independently decided to work with AASA, of the dangers of being involved in AASA including Mick Ronke and Bob Jane at Winton and Calder Park and other venues.

Now you of all people should know that the AASA Public Liability Insurance is as good as CAMS’ – better if you take into account that both CAMS’ and AASA’s insurance is virtually from the same source with the exception AASA have the advantage of Marketform.

You are, I am sure, aware that the car clubs are in the process of checking AASA’s insurance policy. They also checked the CAMS policy only to find a significant deficiency in that policy. It is hoped that CAMS will be able to fix this deficiency in the wording of your Public Liability insurance policy. Such is the price of opening a can of worms or as the saying goes, the pot calling the kettle black

It is also a fact that the NSW Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation has approved AASA’s insurance and the MG Car Club (who has been lied to as all car clubs have been lied to for many years) has taken the trouble to check AASA insurance with their barrister who specialises in insurance and who has advised your office that AASA’s insurance is definitely better than the current CAMS policy. So you are advised to stop endeavouring to damage the AASA tracks with lies.

I can also mention to you that the withdrawal of my legal action against CAMS was a strategic decision and you should not assume that legal action will not be recommenced.

This is an open letter to all at CAMS and to all promoters and to all car clubs, to Mr. Peter Bartels and last but not least, to the ACCC.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Jane


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Sep 16, 2006
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Allan Moffat less than complimentary in his book.

Refused to pony up the prize money when AM won in his Coca-Cola 'stang

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