News Bombers eSports - Licence sold to Pentanet.GG - 2/11

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Mar 25, 2012
AFL Club
Been put in Group A with Fenerbahçe (FB) from Turkey, Isurus gaming (ISG) from Latin America, and Phong ve buddalo (PVB) from Vietnam

This is the Format for MSI:
  • Play-In Round 1:
  • Representatives of each wildcard ("play-in") region will be randomly seeded into two groups of four.
  • These are CBLOL, LCL, LJL, LLA, OPL, LST, TCL, VCS
  • Those groups will each play a Bo1 double round robin, and the first team from each group will move on.
  • Play-In Round 2:
  • The winner from Group A will face the LCS representative Team Liquid in a Bo5.
  • The winner from Group B will face the LMS representative Flash Wolves in a Bo5.
  • The winners of each Round 2 match will move onto the MSI Main Event.
  • Losers move on to a lower bracket match.
  • The winner of the lower bracket match also advances to the Main Event.

These are the Main Event teams if we make it:
LPL (China)-Invictus Gaming
LCK (Korea)-Skt
LEC (Europe)-G2

MSI starts on the 1st May


Three of the best wild card teams in our group, will be tough getting a win but all the best to the boys, hopefully they can get a Win or two and come out with some experience to improve on for the future.


Moderator ❀
Dec 14, 2015
AFL Club
Looks like a few team changes happening lately.

Westonway (coach) aka windowsmonkey got poached to an international league and hasn’t been replaced yet that I can see.

BalKhan is gone replaced with Wilder as our new jungler. Wilder apparently has better English so the change improves the team’s communication at least.

FBI is gone too but we’ve got Looch back as ad carry (he used to be our mid when he played for us before).

Good players getting poached for international opportunities it seems.

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