News Bombers eSports - Licence sold to Pentanet.GG - 2/11

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 20, 2011
AFL Club
It's attracting big sporting corporation these days - The owners of Arsenal have a team in LA, the patriots Owners have Boston, The Mets COO owns the New York team and the Philadelphia Flyers owners have a Philadelphia team. They each paid $20 million to be involved in the start up of the league.

It's insane the numbers being thrown around. It's all because of the target viewership - mostly young males between 12 and 30. That's the dream target market for a lot of big advertisers. If it wasn't such a huge amount I'd want Essendon to try to get into the Overwatch league as well - there's no teams based in Australia yet and we're a great time zone for East Asian viewership, which is a massive esports market, especially China. The potential rewards would be huge.
Cheers for the info.
Like i said i was interested a few years ago and paid attention to some of it when games i liked featured i had no idea Overwatch was that big money wise.

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Nov 21, 2017
AFL Club
So from the ladder I take it we have to work up a rage for those absolute rats like 'Legacy ESports' and 'Dire Wolves'.

Legacy Esportse and Dire Wolvese more like it. **** Dire Wolvese.
Well Legacy is owned by Adelaide FC so I guess there would already be some form of rivalry there.

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