Boomers vs Kids these days

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Apr 19, 2018
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I be Honest, I have a Lot to thank for the Xennials and Millennials if not for them I would not have been in a postion to retire comfortable,
Yep, and this is the truth i hear daily. Boomers thankful that their 'shrewd' buying of a property 20 -30 years ago (any property as it turns out) has made them rich, of course by the younger generation being forced to pay 3-4 x RELATIVELY MORE on income levels these days. Too bad the younger generation is struggling under the weight of massive debts just trying to make ends meet (thankfully boomers also own most of the bank shares so the large net interest margins experienced by our Big 4 banks allows the boomers to generate the worlds highest income levels in retirement from the share market to allow them to keep them in the manner they are accustomed to).

My more astute, educated, honest and self-aware boomer clients actually say ' we have totally ***** things for the younger generation', we 'feel guilty how much better off we are' and 'we are the lucky generation'.

Others think they have become wealthy due to anything but the luck of when they were born and just dont get it. Its easier to ignore the truth and blame the 'avocado generation' for all their many issues being faced.


And I do also acknowledge my posts purely relate to ECONOMIC issues. The current generations (myself a 'Gen X' and subsequent) have had much less impact (or no) exposure on the very serious and scary issues like Vietnam, Sth Korea and Middle East wars. Anyone serving for the country from previous or current generations deserves the utmost respect for the service and bravery shown, and I am genuinely sorry if any of my previous posts have offended anyone in this regard.
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Oct 13, 2017
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Liverpool, Glenelg,
havent heard of any boomers dying taking photos for instagram o_O
Thats cause many boomers are fu**in clueless when it comes to using modern tech..

My old man came top of his class of 40 students in year 12 high school... went to uni, studied architecture.. went on to own his own architecture and construction firm for 50 years until he retired a couple of years back..

He’s had Iphone’s for 10 years now.. do you think he knows how to send a picture message to anyone with it?...


Instagram?... no chance!..
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May 29, 2011
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Gen X:
We don't give a brass razoo about either of you.
Deal with it.
Gen X are the awkward middle child of generations, caught half way between boomer and millennials. Savvy enough to work a smart phone, old enough to see Star Wars in its original run.
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