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Aug 18, 2003
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On a side note - Kind of relevant to the Boston Celtics.
look at gerald greens shooting hand (which is his right). Maybe that's the reason he fell so low on the draft.


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Dec 14, 2002
who cares
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I think you are right. Some people were put off by the fact that he doesn't have one finger. Still a bloody good prospect though.


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Oct 5, 2004
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They will be better for last year. Jefferson has to step up even more and play consistent as well as Raef.
Pierce has to have another awesome year to make playoffs


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Jun 13, 2005
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They will improve significantly. Mainly because of Al Jefferson who is ready to explode this season.


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Dec 10, 2004
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They've actually changed it up quite a bit.
No Walker, No Payton, but Pierce is still there, will their youth movement of late pay-off? I like Delonte West, but is Al Jefferson ready to go?

Pierce, Davis are fine they won't change, but the players around them probably will, and thoes are where all the questions are right now I'd say.


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Aug 12, 2004
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I cant see the celts a threat this year, may snag a late spot in the playoffs but thats all, just rebuilding at looking at that talent they should fair ok in a couple season...


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Oct 2, 2004
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The Boston ones.
Will be an interesting season.

The east is getting stronger each year and that means the players they have will have to step up a notch or they will struggle to gain a play off berth.

This is how i see our squad

Pierce: Sensational Player, name always comes up around trade times but always seems to stay at the C's

Davis: Had a great season and unlucky not to win 6th man award. Seems to have pulled his head in a bit and taken some repsonsibility as a leader about the club. Is pushing to be a regualr starter this year.

Blount: was 03/04 his real game or was 04/05 his real game? maybe this year will shed light on that, if he can bring the game that saw him actually play some decent basketball it will make a huge difference to a side who often gets belted on the boards.

LaFrentz: can't complain too much about his game, considering we got him for Toine i'd rather have Raef playing for us than Toine.

Banks: I'm actually hoping this is the year he starts to get his game together because in the minutes he does get he can puts points on the board quite quickly, only problem is he's higly prone to turnovers. If he could reduce the amount of turnovers he has a good up tempo game which will suit the style Ainge seems to be recruiting for.

Jefferson: Big wraps on him and at times i can see why, but still he sucked at summer tournament. Seems to give up a few to many fouls at this stage but with maturity this will be fixed.

Allen: Gun! Future leader of the club i feel and showed in the summer leagues we can expect even more improvement to come from him.

West: i think he can play, but! he's always injured and so it's hard to judge exactly how well he can play. From what iv'e seen injury free he will add alot to the side.

Reed: Had a good summer league which would be a positive for the side and may be given more minutes to see if he can translate that form into the big league.

Perkins: Big Unit! Hopefully with more experience and minutes he can become a rebounding machine something we need.

Scalabrine: meh!

Green: The 4 fingured wonder had big wraps on him but slipped through to the C's. His monster dunk ensured his name was in lights but he still has a fair way to go before he makes an impact in the big time i feel, lots of ahtleticism now coaches have to polish that rough diamond. (BTW he lost his finger when he was dunking on a homemade ring over a doorway. had his Mothers class ring on, dunked, got the ring caught on a nail and ripped the finger off, they couldnt sew it back on.)

Gomes: Because of Green he didnt recieve much fan fare but his summer league efforts were very impressive and earned him a spot on the All-Star 2nd V line up with Reed.
I have to say I like him alot!

Bynum: did enough in the summer league for the management to feel he was worth signing. not that big though at 6-0.

Thats how i view the squad, potential i guess is the word, but potential is a two edged sword, could be potentially good, OR , could be potentially bad.

At this stage there's more upsides than downsides

Players to watch:

Delonte West
Ryan Gomes

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