Game Day Box Hill v Richmond @ Box Hill City Oval 2pm 21/7 Live Stream Link in OP

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May 15, 2017
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half time:

deggs 19 disposals 7 marks 3 tackles
caddy 15 disposals 7 marks 2 tackles
naish 12 dispsoals 3 marks 1 tackles 1 goal 1 behind
nank 8 disposals 1 goal 3 tackles 13 hitouts

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Sep 8, 2008
Gold Coast
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Good to see Nank running around again. Assume will come back in next week.
Naish is looking polished and will after another preseason be ready to go.
Egg composed and holding up well down back.
Markov doing a few good things up forward (kicking goals!!), but a few ordinary as well as usual.
Balta has lost confidence and will not play again this year imo. Preseason with Rance.
Butler... WTF... I saw his number once, so I think he is playing.... anyone confirm TOG... maybe he has only been on the ground for 5 mins.
English...1st time to have a look at him. With only a half to go on, I will only say... not holding my hopes there
CCJ also seems to lumber around not doing much. I know English from the Dogs was a much higher pick, but chalk and cheese. Will wait until after another preseason. Long way behind even Soldo from I am seeing today.

Caddy...meh.... doing enough. Might be back next week.


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Nov 23, 2000
Country Victoria
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The kid can find the ball a bit but is small ,slow and doesn't do anything special .It's just an opinion ,i hope he does make it but he's a long long way off AFL standard .

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West Australian midfielder impressed at last year’s Draft Combine when he showcased his elite endurance with equal second place in the yo-yo test and equal fifth in the 2km time trial.
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