Boycott by fair minded port supporters

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May 31, 2004
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The i have lost faith thread is down for some reason at the moment, but no matter. I think that the majority of footy followers are relatively fair minded and fairness we like to think is sort of a characteristic of the aussie way.

When you look at the top posters of the thread mentioned the numbers are staggering when correlated to the number of unfair negative comments. This is not a discussion it is just a blatant calculated effort to bully a certain view above all others. We all probably at some stage repeat ourselves a bit, but this is much more than that. As one of the mods if i recall correctly said it is almost some are wishing for us to loose so to assert their viewpoints.

The other aspect of this thread is that many of the comments are nasty, malicious, put downs. I have been responsible for put downs which i appologise to all concerned. Football supporting can be v emotional at times but this thread has reached an ugly vendetta hanging sort of tone.

So things can remain as is (my problem alone)
The thread can be closed by the mods unlikely
People who think as above can stop posting on the thread and shrink the posts to those who have a negative agenda above all else and or express their concern on this thread if it applies.

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