Rumour Brad Crouch to the Suns?

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Aug 9, 2019
AFL Club
I think giving up a top 10 pick + a mid second round pick for Crouch is overs but that's certainly better than some of the suggested trades which have involved pick 1 or 2 (and in some ridiculous cases, both of those picks). What you've suggested is essentially the exact same trade that was done for Patrick Dangerfield when Geelong sent picks 9 and 28 your way in exchange for Danger (I feel pick 50 and Dean Gore cancel each other out in that trade). Crouch now isn't worth the same as Dangerfield back then and I think we can all agree on that.

This is why I think pick 9 alone would be a nice way of both clubs compromising but I'm not sure we're going to get pick 9 from Carlton as they seem to have other ideas with the Papley trade. Anyway, we should find out more tomorrow when the trade period officially opens!
It's been fairly widely reported that Brad is looking for 5 years from the Crows which would make him a one club player. Given his injury issues you can't blame him. The Crows have in turn publicly stated that this will be discussed with the new coach once appointed. The new coach won't be appointed until next week, with maybe a day or two left in the trade period.

I suspect they also need to finalise the Jenkins/Betts trades which should free up a lot of salary cap space before putting an offer to him.

The Crows are losing Ellis-Yolmen & Greenwood who at their best are in the top 3-4 contested players at the club. Sloane is 30 next year and is susceptible to a tag. No chance the Crows give up someone like Crouch who is now a B&F playing that inside mid role.

The only reason Adelaide might entertain a trade is to go hard on a rebuild for more high draft picks - which they have never done before and no indication will be now.

Not to mention his girlfriend is from Adelaide & has his brother there at the club with him.

There's no on field attraction at the Gold Coast, so all the Suns can offer Brad to lure him is time and money. If the Suns offer him a godfather deal, on top of the big money they have thrown at Ellis, how do they expect to retain Lukosius/Rankine/King/Rowell/Anderson when their negotiations come up? They are repeating their own mistakes again from the early days.

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