Analysis Brad Scott as an assistant coach.

Would you like Brad Scott as an Assistant coach at Richmond?

  • Yes

    Votes: 12 8.3%
  • No

    Votes: 52 36.1%
  • CB17 cancel your account immediately for suggesting this folly

    Votes: 91 63.2%
  • Wang can get f’ed

    Votes: 29 20.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Walt Kowalski

Team Captain
Apr 24, 2016
AFL Club
you know what its not as crazy as it sounds
It's ludicrous.

We are the form team in the comp, who looked screwed 8 weeks ago, smashed with injuries to big names; and now we are probably premiership favourites.

We have clearly the best culture of any club in the league, our players love the coaches and the club. Our coaches love the club.

Why would you bring in someone who is seemingly divisive, and unsuccessful overall as a senior coach at another club, as an assistant? What on earth would Richmond gain from one of the Scotts?

As others have said, there are plenty of other guys (Bolton, Richardson, Teague) who would fit into our structure and add to the culture. Scott isn't one of them.

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Aug 25, 2015
AFL Club
Only way I’d do it is if he didn’t take a wage and had no contact with the playing group, club or supporters.
just elbows david king now n then?


Dude, I go for Richmond
Jun 18, 2007
Top of the tree
AFL Club
Other Teams
I feel like Bolton is a good teacher when working with players on a smaller scale.

Think he bit off too much as head coach but he has good communication skills and is all about teaching I'm led to believe.

Dimma also spoke highly of him in a interview and basically offered him a job if he wanted it.
We have Fly, best teacher in the business.

Dimma was being nice.

Why you not want richo ??
A. We've had him.
B. Have you heard him talk? Cure for insomnia.
3. St Kilda with him/without him.

Why not? Was very highly regarded at Port.

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