List Mgmt. Brady Rawlings - New GM of Football - “This is my club!”

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I'm here for the buffet
Apr 9, 2008
The Ponderosa
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Hammers & Steelers
We lost, made some changes going forward, Rawlings was one of them.
He is well respected at the Eagles & will continue to be - dont throw your toys out of the cot to pump up your own tyres.
I hope Brady is feeding us your Intel.


Club Legend
Nov 26, 2017
AFL Club
North Melbourne
FYI - Eagles are in Lathlain now.

And people hanging out windows and yelling at strangers is pretty common in that part of town.
But in all fairness you have to see their facilities to believe them, bloody awesome. Wouldn't knock them back at Arden St

The acurate one

Premiership Player
Jan 23, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
If he has walked as reported, we don't have to pay him a cent.
Did the herald Sun tell us so?

At this rate Donald McDonald might flop his chop in a meeting just to get his 2020 tour of continental Europe funded by the NMFC.
Would be no loss. Am sure it wouldn't be hard finding someone to be in charge of piss ups. Only there because of Luke.

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