Toast Brett Deledio

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Drunken Wookie

Wunken Drookie
Feb 13, 2006
Just beyond the horizon.
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Too much hate on a good man! Tiger for life, he might even come out of retirement and come back to ya on below rookie wages, still racks up the numbers in a great side like gws in his retirement year, he’s not done, gut feeling
Calves are made of used tissue paper unfortunately :(

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Club Legend
Aug 21, 2009
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He had made the record for fastest goal ever, not sure which match or if it’s been broken yet, but he did it in a tiger jumper
I watched it happen at the Canberra Hellenic Club in Woden with none other than Kevin Sheedy who was there to speak to the Canberra Tigers Supporters Group. Unfortunately no one had told Kevin nor me that the function was at the Club's other premises in Civic. I ended up driving Sheeds there and getting an autographed copy of his book for my eldest son. Very decent bloke is Kevin even allowing for the fact that he's an Essendon man at heart. And a mad keen racing fanatic.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 26, 2007
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Arsenal; Melbourne City.
Given his 2 year old nephew was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour the Tuesday of GF week I think he can be excused for not being in the best head space that week.
Maybe I’m just a bit soft though
Nah I love him. Wouldn’t have been many of us who felt like he shouldn’t go for success. He’d put everything into this club and none of us knew we were going anywhere fast. Always a tiger.

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Punt Road Feral

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Aug 23, 2007
Punt Road's Manure Pit
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The personal stuff is absolutely dreadful and you could imagine how much of a mess anyone would be having that turn your life and perspectives upside down.

But on the injury front, it might sound cruel but I’m not that sympathetic to him. He had a good durable 10 years out of his body with minimal set backs with probably 3 frustrating years that followed.
I look at players like Cogs who could’ve been a club legend but his career was cut down far quicker than what happened to Lids.

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