Bring in the Cows - But which teams will they come from?

Which team will provide the most Cows

  • Adelaide

  • Brisbane

  • Carlton

  • Collingwood

  • Essendon

  • Fremantle

  • Geelong

  • Gold Coast

  • Giants

  • Hawthorn

  • Melbourne

  • North Melbourne

  • Port Adelaide

  • Richmond

  • StKilda

  • Sydney

  • West Coast

  • Western Bulldogs

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May 6, 2008
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True, but for me it feels better to make a team that i am happy with knowing that i won't need to reshuffle if the best and/or only rookies available are the expensive ones. Its just a mentality thing, i know it doesn't make an actual quantifiable difference. I don't actually plan on selecting all the high priced rookies so when/if i downgrade them ill be happy to slot in another premium rather than potentially needing to get rid of a premium. The net effect is the same, it just feels better to me to plan for the worst so to speak
Fair enough.

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Sep 6, 2011
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Burton is a huge talent but I think you are a bit optimistic for a guy who has only played 4 games. He'd want to average close to keeper (85-90ppg+) at that price to get the same return that a good 120k rookie delivers. He won't do that. And he might play 22 games next season. Or he might spend a few games at Box Hill here and there.

What do you think about Hodge? I think he could be a sneaky good (but risky) choice remembering the season a few years ago where he went nuts in the first month.
Hodge is no chance to play a full season, he'll be rested once either side of the bye rounds and may even pull the plug early at the back Tend of the year. Too risky for mine if you are locking him in as a consistent scorer, but if you had adequate bench cover it could be a POD.
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