Autopsy Brisbane defeats Hawthorn, Rd 11, 2019

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Off The Couch

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Oct 4, 2007
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That’s a really disappointing loss
5 goals up against a bruised and battered side coming back from Perth

I don’t mind losing but tonight hurts and yes they have a quality midfield but we still have some very good players out on the field and our skills and decision making were awful after that good first quarter

Really disappointing

And a big fu** you to Brown and Roos


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Apr 14, 2002
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I wrote this before the game ended... by at least 3 minutes... but the game thread had ended...

We had our chances early once again we had a player come off so we couldn't end the game with a full group... this time though we knew he was unfit coming in so we can't hide that...

Let's just take the draft pick and move on. That would be my take from this game.

I thought I was angry, this board can't even make the end of a game before they are putting up the review of a loss. Stick it out, it hurts but that is why we are Hawthorn. Walking away before a game is poor. And unhawthorn like to be honest. Why you would turn your back on your team that early is well... I've got nothing. So I don't know what to say anymore about it. It's just poor. I'm guessing you are the same people that leave at 3/4 time at a Melbourne based game. Sorry never liked it.


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Apr 1, 2019
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Isaac Smith's very fast, one of the fastest players running towards goals. One of the slowest running away from goals though. Take the first rounder from the dogs and run.
Hes absolutely putrid now. They will offer a third and we prob have to take it?


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Jan 9, 2007
Beyond The Wall.
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Other teams?
Abasi said:
They’re a better side than us though. They have better mids and better talls than us at the momen
They probably are. But it's marginal. Like it is between teams 5 and about 17 (Carlton suck on a level all there own). Adelaide are better and we beat them. Pies are better than Dockers. Tigers are better than North.... all comfortably more so than Brisbane are over us.

With that lead and their travel and shorter break we should be pretty damn disappointed with how we completely stopped and got smashed.
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Sep 2, 2010
South Yarra
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Comfortable performance by Brisbane with 5 minutes to go in the first quarter. Effectively a 48 point turnaround. It is a reality as to where we are at.

We were in it until the Lewis miss in the final quarter. Some Brisbane brilliance and game over.

Massive difference between the sides on display. We are middle of the road.

Seniors didn’t step up as expected.

Wingard another hamstring
Imps injured, however played out the game.
Smith didn’t rise to the occasion as expected.

No impact where it mattered and dare I say out coached. Our systems moving the ball forward are poor.

Lewis will develop even further. Great that he is being entrusted with significant responsibility.

At least we are not getting smashed, however we are just a middle of the road side. Long season ahead as we develop further.


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