Banter Brisbane Lions, home of the most ineffective small forward to kick 5 goals in a game - Chris 'Salty' Scott, 2019

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Jul 20, 2019
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Hey B fans here's a readymade list of excuses and self comforting gibberish that shight interstate teams supporters can use after getting beat by the Tigers.

1 cheat vic umpires
2 it was too wet/cold/hot/dry we woulda beat ya if it was dry/hot/cold/wet
3 we woulda beat u at home
4 but.... but ... but.... Tiges have had 7 games in a row at the g - its not fair
5 that was the worst game player x, y, z have ever played - we woulda beaten em if theyd played even half decent
6 cheat vic umpires
7 we'd beat them 9 times outa 10 - they got lucky
8 we won some premierships way back when, wasnt it great
9 we're gonna play finals there's time to improve
10 we have to travel more than melb teams - its not fair
11 well beat em next time coz (find ur own damn excuse - i can't do everything for u clowns).
12 we're a great club with a proud history based on tradition going back for a century and we.... - hang on, nope, dont worry about that one B fans, my mistake. (Mental note to self - do NOT use for the plastic clubs ie GWS, GCS, BB.)
13 umpires are cheats
14 afl are cheats
15 umpires are cheats (if you cant remember any of the ones above just go with this one, some of you may have noticed I included it a few times, thats coz its the most important one!! just keep saying it over and over, even if you've won the free kick count by 35 to 0 - do NOT let the facts get in the way).

And you can even recycle most of these after u go out in straight sets (u know in your gut its gonna happen). How good is the value I'm providing u here B fans - you can use most of these excuses again!!!

Your welcome. (And a special mention to all the West Coast fans out there, who came up with all these).

Come Monday just make sure you remember.....

Umpires are cheats.
Say whatever you want but don't you ever call me a B fan again.


Premiership Player
Aug 25, 2015
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Nah. Been with he Lions since mid 90's. Only found Big footy this week. Lived with them through the rise, basked in the 3-peat, suffered the tough years, enjoying the start of the 4-peat.

Best feeling ever winning a 3-peat. Don't you agree? Ooops, sorry, you wouldn't know.


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 11, 2010
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Brisbane Lions
Has there ever been an easier 3 years in VFL/AFL history to win a flag than 01-03

2001 - the top 4 included Richmond (no finals in 5 years prior or 11 years after), Hawthorn (no finals in 5 years after, 1 in 4 prior) and Essendon (ageing chokers that could and can still only win when their opposition is complete garbage)
02/03 - Collingwood in a GF, need I say more?
Bombers were a super team in 2001 - took the greatest team ever to take them down.

2002 before the Pies beat the minor premiers Port in the prelim

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