Summer Brisbane to Bid for 2028 - maybe 2032?

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Aug 7, 2011
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The local and state members are both Greens and the Palaszczuk government and Greens are in a race to the death for the inner city seats.

I really can’t envisage a scenario where Palaszczuk will sit down with a local Green under any circumstances
Yeah, I know, but they're still elected representatives. I've become very disenfranchised with QLD ALP. Frequently b*tch and moan about Greens targetting inner-city seats then pull sh*t like against the desires of the electorate.


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Jun 5, 2010
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Will lions play at Metricon for a couple seasons?
The Lions are building a training and administrative base at Springfield the AFLW team are going to their home games their. It will be finished by the time they start to knock The Gabba down. It’s 10,000 capacity on nine news Brisbane the other day they said some Olympics events would be there the capacity would have to be put up to 20,000. Maybe the Men could play games their.

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