Traded Brisbane trade #16, #52, #55, and #72 to Port Adelaide for #29, #71 and 2020 R1 Pick


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Feb 11, 2011
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I think it would make a great long term strategy. Teams were getting a small upgrade in exchange for a future second rounder last year.
Teams overate their chances the following year, Most will say they will make the finals and very few will say they will be bottom 3.

Unless your the New England Patriots, nobody is way superior in spotting talent but recruiters overrated their ability to draft.

If a team is willing to play the long game, they could use these bias against other teams.

West Coast allowed the Suns to overpay cleaned up.
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Bennie the Nurse

Dec 9, 2010
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Port Adelaide
Not really sure who Port want as not trying to get the info but i do see them ending up with something like 8 16 and Mead instead of the hand they have now
I think the real wash up would be 12,16,18 and Mead F/S....... I believe that was the real reason for the trade.

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Oct 16, 2016
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Losing Howard was not good for you guys but your list has some really good kids on it already and another 3 1st rounders coming this year...I think you are being harsh on the state of your list as it looks to be regenerating at a good pace
Howard? Are you referring to the bloke who just got lapped at St Kilda's time trial?


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Jul 13, 2012
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I'm not saying he is not a "mighty fine player". I'm saying he is currently unfit and not considerably better than Weitering or Jones. To suggest he would comfortably be our best defender is an absurd statement
Not going into it with you, but being unfit in November doesn't exactly equate to not being a good player.
You believe what you like.

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Nov 11, 2010
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Brisbane Lions
Good trade for both parties given the likely reasons that prompted it.

Port could well be a top 6 team this coming season. Key young players have another years experience and from a quick look, they have a soft draw.

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