Traded Brisbane trade #16, #52, #55, and #72 to Port Adelaide for #29, #71 and 2020 R1 Pick


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Jul 13, 2012
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No chance
You robbed them good
I wouldnt say a robbing.
Its smart for both sides.

If port finish around mid table it ends pretty even. If they make top 4 they win it, if they finish bottom 6 they lose it.

But even then like with all of these, totally dependent on what they do with them.

Remember Brisbane needed to jettison some picks apparently.
So really they've just moved up slightly and pushed it out a year rather than waste another pick or two.
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Sep 9, 2010
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3 first rounds and mead now, happy with that.
much better than the 2 and mead.

worry about next year, next year. especially if Wines is still on the go home train.
Plus next year is apparently weak and tied up with father sons and academy players, which we have 2 of ourselves. Schofield and Jones who are rated at the mo in the top20.
SO depending how it works out we may have needed to use our first as a bid match next year and traded it anyway

Johnny Bananas

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Sep 10, 2010
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Personally i dont think they will and will have 3 good kids they have their eyes on possibly
#12 - Fisher McAsey
#16 - Will Day
#18 - Will Gould / Josh Worrell
There are rumours of Pickett making it into the first round and I wonder if Port are the team interested in him. They can't really take the risk that he'd be available in the 20s because someone might bid on Mead just before them.

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