Game Day Brisbane v Hawthorn, 7.25pm

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CD Xbow

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Oct 1, 2014
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Looking forward to seeing the boys live tonight. I’ll have my son with me and he is excited because he gets to dress up in hawks gear. I’m sure he will remind me that he got to have an ice cream at the footy last year so I’ll have to make sure to bring something to clean him up :)
Ha Ha. How old is your son?
Ice creams and young kids are such a recipe for disaster, it's not a matter of 'if', rather "when". A family dog is useful at these times.

Holy Rioli

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Nov 24, 2012
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Today will be my first drink in close to a year, so this will be my one and only post for the day!

Am going with the most arrogant Lions flog supporter you could imagine, so please Hawks don't let me down like last year!

Edit: Also umps, can you not please pay Brisbane 100 free kicks in their forward 50 like you did last year? That would be nice.

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Oct 9, 2014
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Battle of the game styles tonight fagan and hodge know the recipe to stop ours!

Interesting to watch last night game that's the way to beat the tigers at there own game the dogs had success to. We have struggled in recent time against the tigers and dogs i feel brisbane play a similar style.

If we can play our game control the speed we will win! I'm not sure it stacks up against these teams that move the ball so fast the other way. Will be interesting to see if clarko try anything different.


Formerly 'J in Japan'
Sep 22, 2008
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For someone who has a handful of games to his name, I feel Mitch Lewis is the key to us winning.
If he can do to Andrews what he did to Davis when we belted GWS, we will will this game.
Clarko has our structures working fine, we just have to deliver a 4Q effort and having a leading target to either kick to or create space for others if not kicked to, makes us a better side with our forward line.
Hoping for a +90 score.

Carl Spackler

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Jul 29, 2018
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I feel our game hinges on our defensive performance in the midfield with a break-even on the stopages. The bookends are just there for when the ball gets out of the midfield.

I wish I had access to the GPS data so I could analyse who and how many spend time in the midfield. We are stacking it heavy with Poppy and Bruest often in there during free play. I consistently see Hardwick and Impy in there as well. We almost seem to stack 10 between the arcs at times trying to bottle up play there. Two years ago we were continually getting beat over the back for easy goals when the ball came out fast from the midfield, but I can hardly remember more than two times that happened this year. Despite seeming to play stacked up in the middle, the backline is not unnecessarily vulnerable. We've got a handle on that end of the pitch.

The forward line still needs work, though. The forwards are frustratingly not in an advantageous position, often outnumbered, when the ball comes in. As we're stacking the midfield it's not a surprise that when the ball moves quickly forward (which it has done a lot this year, to my delight) that we find our forward line outnumbered. But the mids have plenty of time to look up and kick. Whereas for the last two seasons our mids were kicking high bombs under extreme pressure and the forwards were scrambling for anything they could find, our midfield has significantly more time this year and yet still the ball enters often to the advantage of the defender.

It makes me think that our forward patterns are either too predictable or simplistic. It seems that the opposition can set up to hurt us in our forward 50 too consistently. The mids have time to kick to the right spot properly so if I were to guess I would guess that the forwards are not in the positions they should be or that our preferred positions are too obvious for other teams to pick. I guess I feel that our forward runs are the last piece of the puzzle that will make us step up out of the middle pack.


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Feb 13, 2003
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Chad will be key tonight.. if he can continue some midfield minutes and better still get some more improvement then we may just be a chance. Big time desperately needing a high level clearance guy in there, Chad has shown he can be elite in the contest. Bring it lad


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Jan 30, 2015
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Years ago in high school our best sportsman, Herby, changed to a different school 35k away because his parents deemed it a better educational environment for their precious son. Herb was a star, our best footballer, cricketer, chic puller, fighter, shaving in year 9 and wasn't Turkish - he was adored by all. We were all shatted, our best mate, our idol was gone.
Anyway, that year our school footy team caught a bus and made the trip to play Herb's school team. It was a massacre, we got flogged, Herb starred and kicked 10 by three quarter time.
We were on the bus on the way home when a huge cheer erupted from the back - Herb had snuck on the bus and hidden down the back - one last trip with his mates.

Get on the bus Hodgey - come home......

Carn Hawkies....
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