Player Watch Brodie Grundy

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Chief Ten Beers

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 11, 2008
AFL Club
Just on this point, the people comparing Grundy to Jolly and claiming Grundy's not up to it just consider....
Just in his time at Collingwood, Jolly's midfield consisted of the likes of : Ball, Pendlebury, Swan, Didak, Beams, Sidebottom, Thomas, Wellingham and Blair. There's premierships, Norm Smiths, AFL Captains, All Australians and a Brownlow medallist in there and most of them (Ball conceded) were in their primes. Compare that to what Grundy has available to him at present. Sier, Adams, Josh Daicos, The Brown Brothers, JDG, Elliot, Noble and who???? Two aged stars of a bygone era (Pendles and Sidey).

The problem is not Grundy. It's the dogs breakfast of Mids that he's supposed to be servicing.
10 years and this is the team Buckley built. Laughable really..

Your perspective is noted, it's damning really


Club Legend
May 27, 2020
AFL Club
10 years and this is the team Buckley built. Laughable really..

Your perspective is noted, it's damning really
Yeah just as damning as Mick's attitude to recruiting a genuine big ruckman. 9 years in the board want's him gone but Eddie goes to bat for him and the board gives him a couple of years on the proviso that he gets a genuine big ruckman. That very offseason Jolly is traded in and the rest is history.


Premium Platinum
Oct 18, 2009
Mornington Peninsula
AFL Club
Are we not using Brody's dominance to advantage? That's an obvious, so why are we paying so much? It's clear to me that hit outs are a not much to our coach but hit outs to advantage are a clear importance.

So how about we take advantage and actually make use of our hit out advantage, we'd seriously clean up on clearance if we could, something clearly wrong here.
Maybe our Mids are Overrated and Crap

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TW Sherrin

Brownlow Medallist
Oct 7, 2014
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Not sure cheap reject ruckmen are the only template for success.

TfT, have a look back through the last 10 years and see what ruckman were on big coin. Maybe Sandilands (Ottens finished in 2011 and Nic Nat I think got paid after 2015). There maybe another template for success but clearly there is a template that works and we are trying to reinvent the wheel.

2011 Ottens v Jolly
2012 Mumford v Hale
2013 Bailey v Sandliands
2014 Hale v Pyke
2015 Mcevoy v Nic Nat
2016 Roughead v Naismith (yes Boyd played some ruck)
2017 Nakervis v Jacobs
2018 Lycett v Grundy
2019 Nankervis v Mumford
2020 Nakervis v Stanley


Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 31, 2008
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Mooroolbark footy club
They seem to think Mumford worries Grundy. They drag him out and blow off the cobwebs every time they play us. It seems to work too.
I wish Brody would learn from past experience. He is still dropping the pill at his feet inside their forward fifty providing the opposition with a fifty fifty opportunity.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 2, 2007
2 Bedroom Apartment
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Liverpool FC, HNS Vatreni
granted mids around Grundy are not 2010 quality. But surely they are playing to instruction at set pieces.
One day, Grundy will become an extra midfielder again when he is allowed to.

Won’t happen in Buckley’s reign though as he seems to think Grundy tapping it at his feet is all the rage.

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Team Captain
Sep 23, 2019
AFL Club
He is sh*t scared of Mumford, absolutely getting a bath once again. Needs to be traded for nothing and get rid of his contract as much as we can, who gives a sh*t if we've only got Max Lynch... Just play him.
Beaten senseless by an over the hill recreational drug cheat.
I can’t stand Grundy anymore.


Jul 12, 2004
Junktion Oval
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At what point is he traded for a 2nd rounder to get his utterly ridiculous salary off our books?

Not even a joke now, completely serious discussion needs to be had.

Beaten by a retired 35 year old ruck coach today whose body is held together with tape
What club would be dumb enough to take it on?

We’d probably end up paying what he’s actually worth whilst he plays for another club!!!


Team Captain
Apr 15, 2016
AFL Club
Grundy should offer to take a pay cut. I’m serious. It would be the gesture of someone really invested in the club.
Brodie is invested in himself , $$$$$$ Like i stated many moons ago, If i`m in the trenches, I don`t want him in my trench he is a pea heart ,
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