Universal Love Brownlow 2020 Discussion

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Hands On

Club Legend
Oct 26, 2016
AFL Club
Brennan Cox 41
Michael Walters 53
Luke Ryan 66
Matt Taberner rookie then 70
Michael Barlow rookie then 87
Matthew De Boar 100
Alex Silvagni 109
When you look at it this way, that is amazing recruitment. who ******* needs No 1 picks??? Sack SOS ...... Oh they already have :p
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Mister Carlton

Better than you.
Jan 24, 2009
Base jumping with AJ.
AFL Club
Other Teams
AJ >>> GA
Congrats to Lachie Neale. Remarkable person. Genuinely does a lot of good in the Brisbane market.

Cripps has a really poor season by his standards and still gets double digits. Fyfe similar. Best two players in the game when they're up.
Lets hope he is back to his best next season.

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