Brownlow 2020

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Jun 16, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
People always say this acting as if the coaches don't have surprising winners, albeit still having similar top 5-10s to the Brownlow each year.

You have a hard time convincing me that the best player in 2011 was Marc Murphy, 2013 Scott Pendlebury, 2014 Robbie Gray and 2015 Dan Hannebery.
I'd take Ablett 2013, Ablett, Buddy and Fyfe 2014, Fyfe and Mitchell 2015..
2011 is a fascinating year because Judd overwhelmingly won the players MVP (3x the votes of 2nd place Pendlebury), players best captain, and polled 23 votes to Murphys 19, and got a midfield spot in the AA team while Murphy was on a flank, yet Murphy won the B&F easily and coaches award by 4 really the assistant coaches at Carlton were probably the most responsible for that big win in the B&F and everyone else agreed it was Judd.

Everyone who criticizes the Brownlow for being voted on by the umps and says the coaches and players award is better doesn't ever seem to actually look into the claim.

The one year they probably genuinely nailed it over the Brownlow was in 2018 with Max Gawn, compared to the best mid in Tom Mitchell winning the Brownlow.
Maybe it needs to become a mix of Coaches, Umps and Players somehow?

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