Bruce Lehrmann revealed as man charged with two counts of rape in Toowoomba

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For anyone heading to court today, I believe the defamation judgement will be read out in Court 1, on Level 21 today.

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The court muted itself on the live stream. You can see the mute in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
There was/is symbol of a mic off in the left hand corner of the livestream next to the wording QS-L21-Court1.
There was only sound for the first minute.
Now the livestream just has the words "Court Officer" on a black screen.

What does that signify?

At least the stream is still going and can currently be rewound to the beginning to playback everything that happened when the sound went off.
I think that popped up just before they came out last time.

They're still on mute!

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