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Is Tom a good name or not?

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Rarely in kitchens at parties.
Aug 23, 2010
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Exers, Gryffindor, Brisbane AFLW
Did someone say Smith and its equivalents?

From Wikipedia and it's an extract:

Romance languages[edit source]
Words derived from the Latin term for smith (literally "one who works with iron"), such as the Italian words fabbro and ferraio, are the root of last names common in several parts of Europe.[citation needed]

Celtic languages[edit source]
In Ireland and Scotland, the word for smith, gobha, is found in the surname "MacGouren"/MacGouran/MacGowan/McGowan. This surname is an Anglicised form of Mac a' Ghobhainn (Scottish Gaelic), Mac Gabhann (Irish), meaning "son of the smith".[22] In England the surname Goff, which is common in East Anglia, is derived from the Breton and Cornish goff a cognate of the Gaelic gobha. This particular surname was brought to England by migrant Bretons, following the Norman Conquest of England.[23]

Slavic languages[edit source]
Other[edit source]
Other[edit source]

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