Toast Bulldogs Who Played In Long Sleeves

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Nov 13, 2003
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The great KT was often a long sleever.

My memory has burnt in images of Rick Kennedy, Peter Foster, Michael McLean, Michael Egan, Ian Dunstan, Steve McPherson, Ian Morrison, Peter Featherby, Bruce Reid, Tony McGuiness, Laurie Sandilands and many more in long sleeves. Can't find any evidence so far though.

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Apr 19, 2001
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I first read that as it being when you were in Year 7 - would explain things :p Of course it would have been Form 1 back then.
Actually we call it 7th Grade. (I was glad to see the end of 'Forms" being used back in the olden days here.) When I was going through mum's dresser before I left to see what mementos I wanted to keep, I found a story that I had written in 7th Grade that she had saved. The paper was yellow, well it is over 50 years old, but you can still see the "Mr Wonderful" that was written on it, just above the A+ I received from Mrs. Baumgartner, my English teacher. BTW her son played professional football for New Orleans and Houston.

Edited to add: Just Googled Mrs Baumgartner's name and found out that she died less than a month before my mum died last year. She was 94. Memory eternal.
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Oct 26, 2008
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I am having some minor issues with my scanner/printer at present. Does anyone have a copy of the EJ biography? On page 131 there is a picture of EJ and his brother Don wearing long sleeves.

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