Toast Bulldogs Who Played In Long Sleeves

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Mr. Walker

Premiership Player
Apr 15, 2002
PO Box. 7 Powelltown
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
1985 - a era light years away from post 9/11, how the world has changed. These days he'd be sent straight to Guantanamo Bay.
Wasn't the second part of that story that Tony Buhagair (spelling?) stole a cabin stewards jacket and pretended to be a steward on the plane. Today both players would still be in jail.

Bulldogs Legend

Premiership Player
Aug 18, 2015
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs

My memory has burnt in images of Rick Kennedy, Peter Foster, Michael McLean, Michael Egan, Ian Dunstan, Steve McPherson, Ian Morrison, Peter Featherby, Bruce Reid, Tony McGuiness, Laurie Sandilands and many more in long sleeves. Can't find any evidence so far though.
Michael Egan i remember as a consistent long sleever

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The Original Swooper

Premiership Player
Mar 11, 2007
3rd house on the left
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
I think the photo is Graeme and he was the 80s version of Ayce and Zaine is the current day version of Bryan
Not quite. There was a 3rd Cordy (and as in the case of multiple siblings the youngest is often predicted to be the best). He played U19 if I recall, not sure he got much further. Roger was his name.


Club Legend
Oct 30, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Awful match. Think we didn't hold a mark in the warm up and Lloyd had 5 at quarter time. Don't think there was a long sleeved version though?

Funnily enough the Hawks also wore a similar heritage one like that a couple of years later I think with less stripes. Can't remember if they won in it or not though.

Strange to see the hawks in these colours? But here's proof.

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